This is part of a series where we will feature a specific personality topic and today we are going to look at Sales Style.

As you know at PeopleMaps you get to build your own report by assembling around 5 topics. There are three libraries each containing a bunch of personality topics.

The Recruitment Library has around 40 topics, each written specifically to help you make better hiring decisions.

PeopleMaps is unique in that id has designed topics specifically for recruitment. These are not general topics that you have to then figure out what they may mean when hiring someone. These topics are very explicit;

  • They tell you what the candidate is like.
  • They tell you what to ask.
  • And the tell you what to look for in their answers.

They are only to be used when recruiting new staff.

When interviewing candidates we are trying to discover who they are. We are looking for answers to everything that their CV and application form will never tell you.

Hiring Sales Staff

Where PeopleMaps would argue that personality matters in all job roles, the one area where pretty much everyone is agreement is when it comes to sales roles. Sales is all about personality.

However what may be contentious is that PeopleMaps does not believe that sales people are born, not made. Instead we believe that there is a huge diversity of sales roles. It’s a spectrum and therefore the question isn’t as simple as “Does this person have the personality to be a sales person?”.

No, the question has to be refined. “Does this person have the personality for this particular sales role?”.

From the time we were babies we have been trying to exert our influence and get what we want – all of of us do this. As adults we do the same. Exerting influence and trying to get what you want can also be described as sales.

We are all selling all of the time. What we sell and how we sell it may vary but it’s in human nature to sell.

Figuring out the Sales Style You Need

sales styleIf you have never sat down and thought about the type of sales role you need then now is the time. You need to have a deep understanding of your sales role if you are to hire the right person for it.

  • What length of sales cycles do you deal with?
  • Is it repeat sales or once and gone?
  • Is it face to face or on the phone?
  • Does it depend upon relationships being built up over time?
  • What are the customers like?
  • Do the customers need and expect a lot of detail?
  • Do they need it to be quick?
  • Do they like it to be friendly and fun?
  • Is it an honest sale or are you hoodwinking clients?

There are many factors to consider, these are just a few.  Depending on the answers you come up with will determine which sales style is most likely to work for you.

If you have a role with long sales cycles and a complex, detailed product presentation, then it probably rules out most people on the east coast of the personality map. Some will become bored and frustrated with the long lead times. Others will become bored with the typical customer they are dealing with.

What about training?

Can you train a particular sales style? The short answer is “no”.

Once you know what sales environment you need, you need to spend your time finding someone with a sales style that is compatible with your environment.

Even if they do not have the relevant experience or training, you will not be long in training them. And you will know that your training will not be wasted.

Most people when hiring sales people look at the previous sales experience but this is a very poor method. Get the personality right and then apply sales training. If you have the right training and background but the wrong personality, then their sales style will never work out in the long run.

Your Sales Style Topic

The topic will tell you all you need to know about their sales style. It provides you with questions to ask that will get you very quickly to the heart of the matter. Make sure you know your environment and ask questions about that.

The topic will also provide you with consultants comments and development advice.

Armed with this topic you will be able to get to know candidates very quickly and make better informed hiring decisions. Hiring sales people is one of the most challenging of all roles so you need all the help you can get. This topic is written specifically to help you hire the right sales person.



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