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Updated 31st March 2021


Terms for users of PeopleMaps.

The PeopleMaps Profile report should be used only as a guideline. Inaccuracies in the descriptions may unavoidably be present, so any results should be correlated with other available information. Users are responsible for their own compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

PeopleMaps makes no warranties, expressed or implied about the fitness of the PeopleMaps Profile for any specific use. By using this product, user agrees to release PeopleMaps, and its agents and assigns from any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages that result from using the PeopleMaps Report and PeopleMaps shall be held harmless.


PeopleMaps operate the following terms and conditions with their clients. These refer to all aspects and interaction between PeopleMaps and their Clients. They form part of the Conditions of any proposal, offer, contract or provision of service from PeopleMaps and are wholly covered in all ways under English Law and the court jurisdiction of Scotland.

4. Liability for Delay – Any specific times and dates quoted are for guidance only. We accept no responsibility or liability and remain harmless for failure to deliver according to times specified. In all cases, whether a time has been quoted or not, the time for carrying out an activity shall be extended by a reasonable time if delay is caused by instructions, or lack of instructions, from the Client or by industrial dispute or by any cause whatsoever beyond our reasonable control.

8. Copyright and Rights – All content within the PeopleMaps web site and offered in support of activities is copyright 2001 to 2021 and the property of PeopleMaps unless sourced elsewhere and identified as such. All rights are reserved on original material pertaining to the information offered for access. Property belonging to PeopleMaps includes any branding, graphical representations of PeopleMaps’ goods and services or any such device contained within this site. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, or performance, of the content on this site, is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, all means of producing results in terms of activities undertaken to deliver the respective packages of services to the Client are wholly confidential and remain so at all times as they are the direct business methodologies and are the competitive advantages of PeopleMaps and will be defended at all times. PeopleMaps and its associated logos and other designations are devices owned and used by PeopleMaps and may not be reproduced or otherwise utilised without the specific authorization by PeopleMaps. Any linkages to the PeopleMaps web site at http://www.PeopleMaps.com or its sub-sites must only be through agreement and written authorization from PeopleMaps.

All content contained in the PeopleMaps personality reports is copyright of PeopleMaps. By accessing a PeopleMaps Control Room or opening a PeopleMaps personality report you are acknowledging the PeopleMaps copyright.

12. Data loss Where PeopleMaps makes every effort to ensure that any data you save to the PeopleMaps system is safe, we make no guarantees that it will be safe. Data may be damaged or lost and PeopleMaps takes no responsibility for this.

13. Reasonable Use Policy

When using any PeopleMaps service a reasonable use policy applies. What constitutes a reasonable use is determined by PeopleMaps and PeopleMaps retains the right to stop providing you a service if it feels you may be exceeding its reasonable use policy.

19. Membership Packages – Enterprise License

This is a licensed service where you are not charged per report but instead are charged a monthly or annual license fee for a level of service, which includes a maximum number of reports and specific report designs. Your invoice will specify the maximum number of reports you can have per month and it will also specify the report designs included. Enterprise License will also grant you access to the advanced features. The Work Environment Analyser Tool is not included in the Enterprise License unless specifically mentioned in your invoice. If you have several locations then you should have a license for each. It’s a single user license, with only one login username and password provided. If you are likely to have more than one person use the system then you should have a second license. Your invoice will specify the number of months your license is expected to run. Typically this is an ongoing license, so unless your invoice states otherwise, you should presume that you will be making an ongoing payment each month until you cancel. If payment is not received the service may be interrupted. You cannot resell reports or their content obtained under Enterprise Membership.  If you are unsure, then please contact PeopleMaps and written confirmation will be provided. PeopleMaps reserves the right to suspend an account at any time without notice or explanation.

Terms and conditions for Affiliates Programme 

Where PeopleMaps uses JVZoo to manage its affiliates. You are governed by their terms and conditions as described at https://www.jvzoo.com/legal 

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