Recruitment Software

PeopleMaps has developed the worlds first recruitment software that has personality profiling fully integrated, so that every applicant may be profiled.


PeopleMaps has been building is library of psychological content for over sixteen years. Millions of words, covering a huge range of personality topics.

Internet Technology

PeopleMaps was designed for the Internet from Day 1. We provide Software as a Service (SaaS), so there is no software to download or maintain at the client end. Everything is accessed via your browser.


Tried & Tested

1.5 million people have completed a PeopleMaps assessment and thousands of organisations have a PeopleMaps account. You will find the system to be incredibly accurate and easy to use.

Our Story

Anne Ellis, co-founder of PeopleMaps, believed that professional profiling could be made more accessible and affordable by embracing Internet technology. Martin Gibbons started working with Anne in 1999 to create an online personality profiling system that has been enjoyed by over a million people.

  • 1.5 Million Assessments 99% 99%
  • 15 Years in Research and Development 15% 15%
  • 15,000 Organisations Have A PeopleMaps Account 75% 75%
  • Worlds Fastest Personality Questionnaire (7 mins) 7% 7%
Anne Ellis

Anne Ellis


Anne holds degrees in Business Studies, Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Science. From the late nineties until 2005 Anne held a part time teaching fellowship in the psychology department at the University of Westminster, London, where she was involved in the team that created the very first Masters in Business Psychology course offered through any UK university.

Martin Gibbons

Martin Gibbons


Martin originally graduated with a degree in Applied Physics, however it was as an early adopter of Internet technology that he found his calling.

Prior to PeopleMaps Martin was advising organisations on how to take advantage of the Internet. Over the last fifteen years he has studied Jungian psychology and also developed a deep interest in the psychology that underpins PeopleMaps.


What’s special about PeopleMaps?

  1. Our unique questionnaire provides astonishingly accurate results with only 10 questions – and is only ever available online.
  2. The questionnaire only takes 7 minutes to complete.
  3. Our personality content is written in plain English, so no one needs any training or consulting to use it or interpret the results.
  4. The PeopleMaps Map is preferable to using labels, which are pejorative.
  5. The technology is user friendly and most people are up and running within a few minutes.

What psychology is applied?

The psychological profiler underpinning PeopleMaps is a Jungian system designed to measure an individual’s psychological make-up.

Jung’s bi-polar scales measure the attitudes of introversion and extraversion, together with the rational preferences of thinking and feeling and the irrational preferences of sensing and intuition. These are combined to arrive at the psychological profile or type.

Software As A service

PeopleMaps provides Software As A Service, so you have no software to download, install or maintain. This further reduces the cost of ownership for clients. So an upgrade for one client, is an upgrade for all clients.

The PeopleMaps Mission Statement

“Improving the world around us, by understanding the people in it.”

Dear Martin,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with our Peoplemap experience.  The customized assessments give us incredible insight when working with our clients.

Recently, while reviewing an assessment with a client, he was astonished at how we could know so much about his personality from the information he entered.  This gave me, and my company immediate credibility and a rapport with the customer.

The information we collect helps us immensely when trying to place our clients. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we grow our company.  Thank you again for an outstanding tool and all of your great support.

Ken Garron

The Entrepreneur Option


PeopleMaps also participated in a year long program with The National Skills Academy Skills For Care where we looked at how PeopleMaps Personality Profiling could help with recruitment and retention within the care sector, which is one of the largest employers within the UK.

Thousands of candidates were put through the system and over 100 employers participated in the program. PeopleMaps developed personality reports specifically for the Care Sector and the feedback and results were exceptionally good. PeopleMaps maybe the only profiling provider to have personality reports designed and tested specifically for the care sector.

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