Free Online Personality Test That Makes Personality Testing Easy

In this article you will discover a free personality test that makes personality testing easy.

What is personality

personality test personality testingIt was the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who did most of the pioneering research in this area. His book “Psychological Types” is still affecting things today, even though it was written in 1921.

We all have preferred behaviours and it is our psychological profile that largely determines what these are. Why you prefer things one rather than another, is mostly due to your type. Humans are of course very adaptable. We can live with behaving in a way that isn’t our preference but this doesn’t change what our natural preference actually is.

In our lifetime we may improve our ability to adapt, however we are more likely to enjoy success if we discover our natural preferences and work with them more than we work against them.

We we are not likely to do is change our personality, nor should we try. There is no good or bad type, there is only a good understanding of self or a poor understanding of self.

  • Recruitment of staff
  • Managing staff more effectively
  • Team Dynamics
  • Coaching staff
  • Career Development

Free Personality Test for Recruitment

PeopleMaps works mostly with line managers to help them make better recruitment decisions.

Adapting to our environment takes a lot of energy. Over extended period of time it can become stressful. This is why some people find a given work environment stressful and others may find it exciting.

As an employer you want to have your staff working with their natural preferences as much as possible, as this sees less energy required for adapting and more energy available to do the job in hand.

PeopleMaps provides every employer with a free account and a trial report. You are never asked to buy anything until you are completely confident in the PeopleMaps System.

You can register for your free account here.

Online Personality Test for Team Building and Staff Development

Once you are able to make better hiring decisions, you can then turn your attention to getting exceptional results from your existing staff.

The bedrock of this is for each line manager to truly understand the dynamic of their existing team.

Making it Easy

This used to be a laborious and difficult task, only made possible by consultants and specialists. PeopleMaps changed all that it when it launched an Internet only service.

The PeopleMaps online system was designed to be quick and easy to use. The technology is three button simple and the reports are written in plain English.

Personality Testing For Career Development

PeopleMaps believes in a win:win solution when it comes to career development and recruitment. Both parties have to enjoy the right decision. In a recent survey that PeopleMaps conducted, over 62% of people said they were in the wrong job.

PeopleMaps is helping both individuals and line managers to ensure that more people are in the right job for them. When you are in the wrong job, then regardless of whether it pays well or looks good, it’s unlikely you will ever realise your true potential of really enjoy your work.

Just register for your account here.

Personality Job Test

PeopleMaps has helped over a million people with their free personality job test. You may wonder if free personality testing can really work? Well we have discovered that the level of self awareness is so low, that any insight at all is a leap forward. PeopleMaps has written millions of words across hundreds of personality topics, but even just a paragraph or two of a report can have a very positive impact. Remember this is a professional system, so just because the free report is short, doesn’t mean it is inferior.


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In this article we discovered free personality tests that make personality testing easy.

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