Staff Development

Using Personality Profiling As Part Of A Staff Development Program

Build Better Teams

Designed for busy managers, who want their teams to get more done.

Increase Productivity

Most teams are performing well below what they are capable of. This adds to the manager’s workload. This series of workshops will increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness.


Help your team communicate more effectively with each other.


Remove the friction and get them to cooperate more.


Increase their effectiveness as a team so that they hit more targets and achieve more outcomes.


Ensure that the team and each team member are happy doing the job.

The At Work Suite of Personality Reports

Are you providing coaching or mentoring to your staff at work? Then this suite of personality reports is exactly what you need. 

Each report deals with a specific aspect of work;

  • Communication
  • Teams
  • Results, Stress & Motivation
  • Customer Service
  • Sales

The reports are written to the staff member (the person who completed the personality questionnaire) and are suitable to hand over to them.

Team Performance workshops

Team Performance Workshops

A trained PeopleMaps representative will deliver this workshop on-site to your team.

The workshop includes personality reports for everyone who attends.

It is a fun and engaging way to get a group of people to work more effectively together as a team.

Success and Wellbeing at Work

Success at Work

We all want our staff to enjoy Success and Wellbeing at work. This online program is a self-study program that each staff member can complete at their own pace.

Each module contains personality content about the individual, so they will learn about themselves and their natural preferences.

The program also helps them understand how their personality affects them at work and helps them deal with the everyday challenges we all face at work.

Profiling For Over 20 Years

PeopleMaps has been pioneering personality profiling and its applications for over twenty years, so you can be confident about getting excellent service.

PersonalityProfiling For Teams

Personality is a significant influence on how people work together, which is why the PeopleMaps Team Performance Workshops include personality reports for everyone who attends.

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The workshop was well facilitated and well balanced with a variety of themes to explore. The candidates felt involved from the outset with a majority of different activities to part-take in. The candidates got to complete their surveys before the session and were sent them on the day, I felt this was key to being able to immediately discuss the reports and their findings. It was well-prepared, with the handouts both during the session and after.

The topic can be quite subjective but the experience and expertise of the facilitator gained the trust of the participants, thus allowing them to explore with an open mind. The session ended with the participants wanting more which is always a good sign, and they are very much looking forward to the follow-up session.

I would recommend the workshop to any company wanting to create a team bonding scenario, as well as opening people’s minds to think/behave differently. It has personally given me a different perspective on dealing with people with ‘difficult’ personalities, like Martin says, “it’s not personal, it’s personality!


HR, Fedcap Ltd

Develop High Performing Teams

Great teams do not come about by accident. Every team can improve. This workshop will get you the results you want, fast.
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