Professional Personality Profiling Systems That Everyone Can Afford


Prices Start at £45

Unlike most personality profiling providers, PeopleMaps let’s you buy just what you need. So if you only need one report, then you can buy a single Interview pro credit for only £45. There are no other hidden costs.


Quotes Available

Of course most people require more than one credit and larger orders attract discount.

Please let us know what pack size you require and PeopleMaps will calculate a discount rate for you if elligible.

Regular recruiters should consider an annual license as this also attracts significant discount levels. Please speak directly to your PeopleMaps agent about discounts and licenses.

Interview Pro Pricing

When comparing prices on personality profiling systems, you need to be aware of the hidden costs before you make your buying decision.

Until now, professional personality profiling has has been expensive and has only been affordable by large, blue chip, organisations. PeopleMaps has changed that by designing a system that is affordable by any business; small or large.


Set Up Costs

Make sure you ask about all possible set up costs. These are not always disclosed at the outset. PeopleMaps will set up Interview Pro for you and configure it to meet your precise requirements. There is no charge for this.


Training Costs

Many systems have a mandatory training course that you have to take before you can use their system. Indeed some profiling providers make most of their money from the training they sell. As the Internet’s leading provider of online personality testing, PeopleMaps has designed its systems to be easy to use, so no training is required.

The personality reports are free from jargon and readily understood by anyone reading them. So although advanced training is offered, it is only for those who wish to go deeper into the subject and is certainly not mandatory.


License Fees

With many profiling providers, there are license fees to be considered.  PeopleMaps offers a Pay-As-You-Go service or an Annual License Fee. There is no mandatory license fee. You simply pay for what you need. The Annual License is designed to save regular recruiters money.

The Working Together Handbook

If you are working with your existing staff and wish everyone in your organisation to have a copy of their own personality report, then you should use the Working Together Handbook. This personality report not only tells the individual something about themselves but also about the people they work with.


Start Up Costs

No set up fees. No time delay. You can be up and running in the next few minutes and it will not cost you a penny to get started.

Coaching Pro Pricing

The Coaching Pro range of reports is designed for Personal Coaches to use with their clients.


Training Costs

There are several personality reports and various, optional courses to choose from.

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