Personality Profiling That Everyone Can Afford

  • Low start-up costs
  • No training fees
  • Unmetered licensing 

Access For All

PeopleMaps pricing is designed to make professional profiling affordable for everyone, no matter how small your organisation.  For over 22 years PeopleMaps has been making profiling accessible for all.

Unmetered License

If you recruit regularly then you will love the PeopleMaps unmetered license arrangement, where you get to profile every candidate for a small fixed monthly fee. The price varies with the number of vacancies you have per year.


Discover how to hire the very best and avoid hiring nightmares.


Keep ahold of great staff and reduce your staff turnover.


Get the results you really want, with the team you have.


Get your people working together more effectively.


Recruitment Pricing For Small Users

With most profiling providers you are required to go on an expensive course to become certified to use it. However, PeopleMaps is jargon-free and uses no labels, so there is no interpretation required. this means busy line manages can use the reports right away without any specialist training and no training costs.


Recruitment Pricing For Regular Recruiters

How would you like all your personality reports for free? With a peopleMaps License, you do not pay for each report. instead, you get all the reports you need for a small monthly fee.

This gets you better recruitment results as you can use personality profiling earlier on in your candidate processing, instead of just tagging it on to the end.

This is the cheapest way to buy professional personality profiling. 

Over 20 Years of Experience

Recruitment Personality Test

You want a profiling system that you can rely on. For over 22 years PeopleMaps has been helping organisations hire the right people.

PeopleMaps is designed for busy line managers. No specialist training is required to use PeopleMaps. You will be up and running within a few minutes.

Minimise your recruitment risk and the headaches that come from hiring the wrong people.

Pre-Employment Personality Test

You may also use this as a pre-employment check by creating a Success Profile. If you know which personality types do well in your job role, you can give priority to candidates that have similar personality types. This saves you a lot of time and ensures you speak to candidates that are most likely to succeed in the role first.

The Best Personality Test for Employers Wanting To Reduce Staff Turnover

A high staff turnover is not only expensive, but it’s also time-consuming and disruptive to everyone. Use Interview Pro to reduce your staff turnover and save yourself a lot of time and money.

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How The PeopleMaps Recruitment Personality Test Works


Create an account


Send candidates to your unique questionnaire landing page to complete the 5-minute personality questionnaire.


Review their Interview Pro report and discover things about them that are not in the CV.


Ask the interview questions provided in the report and learn even more about them.


Make your informed hiring decision.

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