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Personality Profiling for Recruitment

Helping You Hire The Best and Avoid The Nightmares.

Do You Want To Hire The Very Best Candidates And Reduce Your Recruitment Risk?

Some personality types will thrive in your job role, whilst most others will struggle. This is regardless of their skills, qualifications or experience. This is purely a function of their personality type.

Recruitment Tool Kit

What Can Personality Profiling Do For You?

Reduce Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is costing you a fortune. PeopleMaps can reduce your staff turnover quickly and effectively. Register for the free trial and talk to us about how we can reduce your staff turnover.

Increase Productivity

Only when you are in the right job can you truly excel. PeopleMaps personality reports will help you place the right person in the right job. The personality report will help you hire people who can work to their natural strengths and therefore perform at high levels.

Reduce Risk and Disruption

Hiring the wrong person not only sees their productivity low but it can affect everyone else they are working beside. The wrong person can reduce everyone’s productivity. The wrong person can be very disruptive and do a lot of damage before they leave.

Personality Profiling for Coaches and Consultants

Coaches Wanted – Grow Your Coaching Business With Your Own Product

Would you like your own product?

Get your very own personality product custom-designed for you with the peopleMaps Custom Pro service for coaches and consultants.

  • Select the personality content you want to include
  • Write your own introduction chapter
  • Write your own closing chapter
  • Write your own call to action
  • Brand it as your own
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What Do I Need To Know About PeopleMaps

Here are some of the most common questions asked about PeopleMaps.

What Psychology Is It Based On?
PeopleMaps is based on the research of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist who published the book “Psychological Types” in 1921.
Use Right Away
Busy line managers do not have time to go on a course to learn psychology. You want a tool you can use right away. Interview Pro is simple to use and jargon free. There is no learning curve.
Is it accurate?
Thousands of clients have used Interview pro and the most common response is that it is “spookily accurate”. Try it for yourself and you be the judge.
Can it reduce recruitment risk?
Yes, it reduces your recruitment risk. It will tell you things about the candidate that the CV simply doesn’t. Not only that it will help you get the candidate to open up and tell you what you need to know to make a good hiring decision.
Do I give a copy of the report to the candidate?
We recommend that you share extracts from the report with your candidate and ask them to comment. Whether they agree or disagree, you will develop a revealing conversation. The more you get a candidate to talk, the more you will learn about them.

Why Customers Love Using PeopleMaps For Recruitment


Online Personality Tests

Whether you’re looking to hire the right person or want to understand your team better, our online personality tests and psychometric profiling services are the perfect solutions.

For over 20 years, our psychometric tests have helped businesses and individuals across the UK and globe and across various industries ranging from recruitment to consultancies.

This has led to the creation of accurate and bespoke personality tests for different business types. From our psychometric tests for recruitment to our personality reports for coaching, our tests are short, easy to access and understand and available online!


Psychometric Testing For Recruitment

Do you want to reduce the time and money you spend on recruitment? PeopleMaps has developed a range of products to help employers make better hiring decisions and reduce the time and money you spend on recruitment.

Online Personality Profiling for Recruitment

Recruitment personality tests have traditionally been expensive and difficult to implement, as they often require a consultant or specialist training. As the pioneer of online personality tests, PeopleMaps has developed recruitment software, where the personality profiling is fully integrated. The system is easy to use without any specialist training.

PeopleMaps is a fast recruitment personality test. The questionnaire only takes 7 minutes to complete, yet it delivers incredibly accurate results. Most profiling systems were originally paper based, so their transition online was not necessarily smooth. The PeopleMaps 7 minute questionnaire was designed for the internet from the outset and uses clever technology to gather a lot of data in a short space of time. PeopleMaps recruitment software includes the most advanced psychometric test online for recruitment you can find.


Insightful Interview Guides

Each personality report is designed as an interview guide, providing you with questions to ask and what to look for in the candidate’s answers. This lets even the most inexperienced interviewer conduct an insightful and revealing interview.

Psychometric Profiling

With psychometric profiling and online personality tests, you will reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs whilst increasing employee engagement. Discover more about your candidates with our psychometric tests for recruitment.

You will find PeopleMaps personality tests to be affordable and they will reduce your recruitment and HR costs.  Online personality tests have been helping businesses like yours for over 50 years. Try it today.


Online Personality Testing

What is Personality Testing (also known as personality profiling) and how can it help your business or your coaching practice? Well you can use the tools and reports in a number of ways. The best thing to do is request the relevant information pack to be sent to you. PeopleMaps offers a huge range of customised services, so it is easier if you just explain your situation and tell us what you are trying to achieve and PeopleMaps will take care of the rest.

Profiling People

Profiling people that you are thinking of hiring or that you are coaching, is likely to see you enjoy better results. An understanding of the person is as important as know what work they have done previously or what problems they have.

How to profile people

A lot of people want to know how to profile people however this is a complex issue and not something that should be relied upon without using the right tools. Even an experienced psychologist should use profiling tools.


Reports For Every Job Role

Whatever job role you are filling, PeopleMaps has a report design that will suit it perfectly.  For example, if you are hiring a salesperson, then use Interview Pro – Sales as this report talks only about issues that are pertinent to sales jobs.

Psychometric Testing

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online psychometric testing since 2000 and to date, 1.5 million people have completed the PeopleMaps Questionnaire.

Online psychometric test

Most personality profilers were designed as paper-based systems. PeopleMaps however pioneered the online psychometric test, even when the industry said it couldn’t be done. PeopleMaps has been developed exclusively for Internet use. The technology is advanced and enables incredibly accurate results to be achieved using a very quick questionnaire, without any compromise on its accuracy.

People Mapping

Want to grow your coaching business? Train as a PeopleMaps Profiling Specialist, where you will discover new ways to grow your business using online psychometric tests. From Management Psychology to Executive Coaching to Career Coaching, psychometric tests online will help grow your consultancy or coaching practice.

Sometimes referred to as People Mapping, this can help coaches and managers in a number of ways. The system Maps People and helps make sense of things.


Jungian Psychology

Carl Jung Sketch by Martin Gibbons

PeopleMaps is a Jungian System. Another system that uses Jungian archetypes is Myers Briggs (mbti). Carl Jung developed the psychology that underpins these systems, though there isn’t an actual Carl Jung Personality Test.

Our personality type affects many of the decisions we make and much of our behaviour. It is important to note that it is not a test. Even when used with recruitment candidates, the personality report should be used as a guide for the interviewer. Understanding self and others are the starting point of all success and development. Most people have poor awareness of their preferred behaviour and how it affects their everyday life. This extensive range of reports and training courses is available to everyone and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. Discover how to get the very best from yourself and others.


Psychometric Testing and The People Map

Unlike most profiling systems such as Myers Briggs or DISC, PeopleMaps does not use labels. Instead, it uses the People Map. This allows you to communicate and compare without being pejorative.

Psychometric test for managers


Whether you are trying to identify potential managers or working with existing managers, the PeopleMaps Psychometric test for managers will help both the organisation and the managers. Good managers come in various forms and a psychometric test can help you identify what management style an individual uses. This article explains leadership style vs management style.

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How It Works

1 - Select a Report Design That Matches Your Job Title

There are many report designs to choose from. Select one that most closely resembles your job role. If you are not sure, please provide PeopleMaps with your job description and a design will be recommended.

2 - Ask the Candidate To Complete the Questionnaire

You are provided with your own unique landing page URL. Send this to each candidate and ask them to complete the personality questionnaire. it only takes 5 minutes, however, due to the clever design, it produces high-resolution reports that are incredibly accurate.

3 - Use the Report To Guide Your Interview

Each report is written as an interview guide, so it not only tells you about the candidate’s personality but provides interview questions to ask. These are the questions that will reveal the candidate and help you make an informed hiring decision, reducing your risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

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