Everything You Need To Know About The Personality Test

Here are a few things you need to understand about your personality test.

1) What Is Personality?

Carl Jung pioneered this area of research and published a book called Psychological Types in 1921. We are essentially looking our behaviour preferences. We each prefer some things over others and this is determined by our personality type.

You have probably taken a fun personality test before or perhaps even a love personality test. These personality quizzes are OK for a bit of fun but PeopleMaps provides you with a professional system which is used in;

  • Recruitment
  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development

personality testIf you are a line manager of recruitment agent, then please register here for your free account and free trial. This is a printable personality test report, as you have the option to save it in a PDF format. This also means you can read the report in future using any free pdf reader. You do not require the PeopleMaps software to view reports once you have them in a PDF format.

PeopleMaps had developed an entire range of topics specifically to help you with recruitment. This is simply the best personality test for recruitment.

How do you put the right persona in the right job if you ignore their very nature. Skills, qualifications and work experience will only take you so far.

Recruitment Case Study

We worked closely with a large car manufacturer in Thailand who hired dozens of graduate software engineers every year. They faced a number of challenges;

  1. Almost every graduate had the same qualifications and their CV and application looked almost identical. This made it very hard to create a short list for interview as on paper, every candidate looked the same.This meant that they found themselves interviewing almost every applicant which was extremely time consuming and expensive.
  2. They also had observed that certain people worked out really well and others never worked out. Yet when they looked at their qualifications, work experience and skills set, there was no difference.

In addition to qualifications the HR department had been using the following to evaluate candidates;

  • Engineering test results – where they designed their own engineering problem to be solved.
  • English language test results

This had helped reduce the short list however it did nothing to reduce the staff turnover or improve the percentage of people who naturally fitted in and worked out in the long run.

This was when they approached PeopleMaps. We suggested they conduct an historical modelling program, where they picked several graduates that had worked out very well for them and who enjoyed their work. We then looked at their PeopleMaps Map to see if there was a pattern. In this case there was a very clear pattern, with the vast majority of the employees residing in the same region of the Map.

Now they effectively had a benchmark.

For the next few months they prioritised their short list using the number of people who matched their personality benchmark. What they discovered was that their staff turnover dropped dramatically. They also noticed that more of their employees were giving higher marks in “employee contentment” surveys.

Managers were also reporting that they had fewer problems with staff and that productivity and performance had increased.

It was no great surprise because they had simply put the right people in the right job. They had found a win:win scenario where the new employees were happy and the management were happy.

Who Am I Personality Test

Understanding who you are is the bedrock of all personal development. How can you know where you are going if you don’t know who you are. Yet, this is often a step missed out by coaches. A lot of effort goes into modelling people and shaping them. It is a very common practice to mimic other successful people. This is understandable with the logic being “if i copy what another successful person does, then I will be successful.”

Unfortunately this will only work if both parties have very similar psychological profile. This is unlikely.

You can only every be the very best version of you. Imitating someone else is a fruitless exercise and largely frustrating. What you have to discover is what works for you. You have to work in harmony with you core nature and not try and be something you are not.

The good news is that we find successful people across the entire spectrum. They come in all shapes and sizes and have travelled very varied routes to get there. What works for one does not work for another. You need to find what works for you and excel in it.


Many coaches do use this kind of service and more and more of them are switching over to PeopleMaps. There are several reasons for this.

  • PeopleMaps lets coaches design their own reports using the vast library of topics provided in the library. This is particularly useful as it means that the reports can be designed to suit the specific area of interest. The alternative has traditionally seen long winded reports, where only small percentages are relevant to the matter in hand. For instance if a client was looking to start their own business, then you would design a report using mostly the topics from the Entrepreneur section, as these would all be completely relevant.
  • PeopleMaps reports are very inexpensive compared to other providers. It is possible to pay over £300 for reports, whereas with PeopleMaps you can enjoy for as little as £5 depending on how large you want to make it. You decide. This lets coaches design reports to suit the clients budget as well as their area of interest.
  • The reports are written in plain English so they can simply be handed over to clients, who can in turn understand them without any need for interpretation. This means that coaches can spend time helping clients with the actual issues rather than wasting time interpreting reports.

Who Am I

The “who am i personality test” is designed to help individuals discover their own psychological profile. This quick personality test uses only 5 personality test questions but as far as assessments go, it is incredibly accurate accurate personality test which will reveal things about your psyche you are unaware of.

So if you are looking for a free personality test then click and register as an individual. You will have two options; a job personality test and a more general report to help you with personal development and discover more about yourself.

The personality test for jobs is extremely popular and hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed this service. It is very important that you find yourself in your ideal work environment.

PeopleMaps has also created a personality test for teenagers. This kids personality test is suitable for anyone over the age of twelve, with a reasonable vocabulary. There may be one or two words that are unfamiliar but it’s OK to look up the meaning of these words. After all this is not a vocabulary test, it is a psychology personality test.

Psychology personality tests are only interested in helping you discover your natural preferences in the world. Remember it is an assessment, not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. In fact it is wrong to even call it a “personality psychology test”, as it is not a test but an assessment. However this is the terminology used by most people so we have to go along with it.

You may be wondering if the report can be accurate with such a short personality test. PeopleMaps offers two questionnaires, a 5Q and a 10Q. (Not to be confused with the 16PF). They take 3 minutes and 7 minutes to complete and yet are incredibly accurate. This is simply down to very clever design. The PeopleMaps questionnaire was designed for the Internet and uses some clever features, which enables us to gather a lot of data in just a handful of questions.

Historically questionnaires took thirty to fifty minutes to complete. However these were paper based systems. It’s unacceptable to have long questionnaires online and the results are affected as people become bored when filling them in online.

The PeopleMaps psychometric personality test is pioneering in both its psychology and its technology. Over 1.4 million people have enjoyed a personal test.

Thousands of companies have used our psychological personality tests in their recruitment and staff development.

PeopleMaps was one of the first professional profiling companies to offer free personality testing online to anyone who wanted it and we feel strongly that everyone should enjoy personality tests for free if they cannot afford a more detailed report.


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In this article we discovered more about the PeopleMaps personality test.

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