Management has never been more challenging. When you are asking people to deliver more in an economy that is increasingly challenging, your management skills will be stretched to the very limit.

What is an exceptional manager?

I would say that it’s someone who can get exceptional results from ordinary people?

But people are complex and they don’t come with an operating manual. It can take years to try and figure some people out.

But imagine there was an operating manual. Imagine each new employee arrived with it on their first day. Would this not save you years of “suck it and see”? Wouldn’t you rather know today what will work best and not have to spend years using trial and error?

Well that’s what the PeopleMaps Manager App does for you. It provides you with the operating manual for each person you manage.

As expected each manual is specific to the individual as people are all different. What works for one person, will not work for the next. This is one of the reasons Management is so difficult.  You finally figure out what works with Joe, then try it on Bob and discover it doesn’t work at all.

The Manager Application is a personality report that tells you exactly what you need to know about Joe. It will tell you how to communicate with him. It will explain how to go about reprimanding him without reducing Joe’s performance in the process.

It will even explain how to delegate to Joe more effectively. Did you know that delegation is a personality issue?

With the Manager Application you can remove the trial and error and immediately enjoy higher productivity.

Take it for a free test drive and try it for yourself. Sign up at the top of the page.

The Future of Management

There is a change in what it means to be a manager. It used to be simply about bossing staff around. Now there are many who still see management as that but there is a growing population of managers who are very much focused on results not rank. There are many different management styles to consider.

Companies like Gore have been pioneering management for many years. They did away with hierarchy and instilled a democratic, pier based management system in place. On one project you are the boss. On the next you are the subordinate.

There are some companies that you go into where no one really knows who the boss is. No one acts like a boss or looks like the boss. And yet they function extremely well.

So is there a single management style we should be adopting?

Well there are probably some that we should be avoiding but a manager with only one approach is going to struggle. Chances are you will have a variety of personality types to manage and so you need to be able to adapt. What works with one person will be the exact wrong thing to do with another.

To try and figure it out for every staff member is bamboozling, which is why the PeopleMaps Manager Library is so vital. At the press of a button it will remind you exactly how to handle each person on your team in a way that gets the very best from them.



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