A PeopleMaps Personality Report for Business

Overview: PeopleMaps personality reports tell you what the CV doesn’t. Employing senior managers and directors is an expensive business and you want to get it right first time.

What’s in the report: The report covers all the key areas of business that a Senior Manager has to deal with on a day to day basis. When considering candidates for Senior positions you need to know everything you can about them and it’s all about personality. The report also includes consultants comments and guidance on how to explore aspects of the candidate more deeply during interview. The report gives you background on the candidate and a feel for who they are as a person.

When to use the report: You can use this report on your long list or short list. You know personality is critical in Senior positions and therefore it makes sense to know the personalities you are dealing with from the very outset. PeopleMaps makes profiling affordable enough to use it on all candidates.

Topics in the report:

Ability to Delegate
Ability to Present
Attitude to Change
Commercial awareness
Decision Making
Key Strengths
Managing others
PeopleMaps Map
Planning and Managing Resources and Results
Programme and Project Management
Results Focus
Time Management
Working Together
Working under Pressure
Financial Control

How much does it cost: $120 each before discount

Personality Profiling– instant reports – no delays
– free reports to get you started
– no credit card required – no obligation
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