I am delighted to announce that PeopleMaps Spain is now up and running.

www.peoplemaps.es is now live. The new Spanish team launched at the Coaches Congress Barcelona event last week.

Personality Test SpanishPeopleMaps Spain is headed up by Luis Fisas, who has been training with PeopleMaps HQ for several months.

Luis has recently been joined by;

Carles Ramírez
Pablo Soucheiron
Chema Vidal
Quico Barceló

All of which threw themselves into the deep end at the Coaches Congress.

The entire service is delivered in Spanish, from the questionnaire to the reports. Although PeopleMaps is an online company we believe in working with local people to expand in other countries. PeopleMaps Spain is the first of many Master Licenses to come.

PeopleMaps Spain is based in Barcelona and will look after all clients in Spain.

Luis and his team are also happy to take inquiries from any Spanish speaking countries online too. So if you prefer to deal with PeopleMaps in Spanish, then please get in touch with Luis.

Why Spain?

Luis was actually a PeopleMaps customer several years ago and a big fan of the system. So when the opportunity arose to head up PeopleMaps in Spain, Luis jumped at it.

Even though Spain is in a recession there are still people hiring and companies need the kind of help PeopleMaps can provide more than ever.

When times are tough a company has to be extremely good to survive. PeopleMaps helps develop staff and managers. The new manager library for instance will show a manager exactly what they need to do to get the very best from each staff member. The manager is provided with a personality report on each staff member that tells them how to manage them more effectively and increase their productivity and performance levels.

If a manager has 50 staff and manages to increase their productivity by even 5%, it results in a huge improvement overall.

PeopleMaps Spain also deals with enquiries from Spanish speaking customers outside of Spain. Half the world speaks Spanish, so by opening PeopleMaps Spain we have made PeopleMaps available to a lot more people.

PeopleMaps is an online business so it can deliver its service anywhere in the world and has already been used in over 90 countries.


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