You may be a job board or a recruitment agency or a consultant; regardless you could be providing employers with psychometric profiling and enjoying the rewards.

65% of employers have used psychometric testing. Are they buying it from you? If you deal with employers then you could be doing them a big favour by introducing PeopleMaps psychometrics to them.

Why introduce your employers to psychometrics?

  1. You get paid a generous revenue share
  2. You can brand it as your own
  3. You don’t need to get involved in delivery; simply promote it with a link and PeopleMaps will take care of everything else.

Some employers spend thousands of pounds per month on psychometric testing. Surely it’s better if they spend it with you.

Who can offer psychometric testing?

Any individual or organisation that deals with employers can apply to become a PeopleMaps partner.

Read about how it works and sign up to be a partner today.

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