Professional CV writers have a difficult job. They have to capture the essence of a job seeker in a short space of time and write a killer CV, when they are not always working with the best of material.

Psychometrics can help

PeopleMaps has written psychometric reports specifically for job seekers to help them with their CVs and Interviews. It doesn’t tell them how to write a CV (that’s your job) but it does provide the key personality points that should be promoted and the ones that should be avoided. Psychometrics therefore give the CV writer something more to work with than just skills and experience.

How it works

As a professional CV writer you can work with PeopleMaps in a couple of ways;

  1. You can buy reports in bulk (5+) and get a discount, brand it as your own and bundle it in with your own services. You redistribute the reports manually to your clients.
  2. You can become an affiliate partner and promote the facility to your clients and allow them to go and buy the reports directly from PeopleMaps, then share the details with you. You earn a revenue share when they do but the client controls what happens to the report.
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