The PeopleMaps Personality Map is a very powerful and easy to use tool to help you understand self and others. When you ask someone to complete a PeopleMaps personality test then you can design a report to read. You have the option to include the PeopleMaps Personality Map in your report design.

Here are a few key points to note.

The first thing to note is that you should always use the Personality Map in conjunction with topic text. The Maps is not the detailed story. You need to read the text for the detail.

There is a detailed training course that PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioners complete, which explains the Map in a lot of detail however even with no training you can still make good use of the PeopleMaps Map.

It is principally a communication device. PeopleMaps doesn’t use labels as we feel this ignores the fact that people are unique and that personality has mobility. A label is restrictive and prescriptive.

However you can use the map and refer to someone as say “being in the North East”. It lets you communicate and compare. “I see you are further North than me.”

The People Map

Everyone is located on the Map somewhere. The Map represents the infinite cocktail of the Psyche energy you are made up of. This includes;

  • Introversion
  • Extroversion
  • Task
  • Feeling

We all use all four of these energies, though two will dominate.


Jung never intended for people to be boxed in or rigidly categorized. Personality profiling was designed to help us understand ourselves and others. It was not designed to pigeonhole people.

Using the Map you can more easily see room for mobility. Remember we are dealing with your preferred behavior  You can of course behave anyway you choose. Mobility accounts for the natural variance in our behavior.

For instance someone in the NE could cross the mountains into the NW. Both of these quadrants use a lot of Task energy, so it’s not such a huge leap. Eventually however the detail of NW would become too much for the NE person and they will return to the NE.

In the diagram above we have two flags, one in the NE and the other in the NW. You can see they both have a lot of Task energy but where they differ is that the NW person will want things done right and the NE person will want things done now.

NE could also move South in the SE and become the life and soul of the party, at least for a while. However eventually they would tire of the party and want to back to their mission and get something done.

The PeopleMaps Personality Map manages to be a simple tool, whilst at the same time takes into account some very complex behavioral psychology.

How to use the Map

If you are recruiting then you should carry out a personality benchmark and understand exactly what personality type is most suited to your role. If your personality benchmark tells you that someone from the SW will most likely work out in your role, then you can prioritize your SW candidates.

Managers can use the Map to understand their staff and therefore adjust their management style to each staff member. Small changes in communication for instance.

If I was delegating to someone in the NW then I would for instance put it in writing and provide all the details. If I was delegating to someone in the SE then I may not but would chat it over with them instead.


Further Reading

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