Spent a great couple of days with Learning Links Europe talking about how personality profiling can impact on their business.

The workshop session yesterday was a little unorthodox but I think they enjoyed it. I know I did. We dealt with some big issues;

We started the session looking at the day to day problems that each of them were facing. The issues raised were very broad. Afterwords we looked at these a little closer and discovered that personality profiling would help them significantly with each of them. This comes back to the theory that “all my problems walk and talk”

We talked about how we could increase the level of service to clients. This was an important issue as this was a room full of people who care passionately about the welfare of their clients. Between us we discovered a whole bunch of different ways that personality profiling could help clients.

We explored how we all view the world differently and how difficult it is to understand that some people, located on a different part of the personality map, view the world so differently from us. Although logically we understand this, it is only natural to assume that others all see the world the way we do. It takes awareness to overcome this.

With a team of over ninety people, LLE is a “complex” work environment with many relationships. We looked at how to use profiling in-house to help individuals and the many formal and informal teams work together. There is a great spirit already and we discovered power personality tools that we can adopt that allow a team thrive.

If I was summarise the day it would be that we explored how personality profiling helps you understand yourself and others. From this understanding comes tolerance, forgiveness and an accelerated “moving forward”.

I had a great day. Lot’s of laughs and everyone even managed to tolerate my swearing. I get a little carried away with the theatre of it all but I hope no one was offended too much.


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