PeopleMaps is constantly striving to create a real easy to use personality test. The design team have been very busy over the last few weeks and have just released a new version of the Control Room.

The Control Room is where everything happens.  It’s where you view all your users and read their reports. In this version we have added more functionality but also made it quick and easy to use.

The design team were aiming for a manual free, intuitive interface. Check it out and let me know if they have achieved this. You should be able to go into the system and use all the main functions without any training or support.

There are advanced features that would require some explanation but all the main functions such as designing a report and reading a users report, should be very obvious.

The Easy Personality Test

PeopleMaps has created a new “One Click Design” feature so you are literally one click away from having the report you want for your application.

easy personality test

You simply look at the report titles and descriptions and decide which report is most suitable to your needs.

There is no one size fits all personality report, so don’t settle for less than what you need. Pick the report you want and use that. These standard report designs meet the needs of most people and cover the most common job roles.

Custom personality report design

If you don’t see exactly what you need then you can simply design your own report by selecting around 5 topics from the library.

custom report design

Just because something is sophisticated doesn’t mean it should be complicated. PeopleMaps has design a quick, easy to use personality test that anyone can use.

Look through the 40 or so topics and pick around 5 that relate to your situation. If you are hiring sales people for instance then select some of those topics.

If you are hiring a manager then you will want to select some of the management topics such as “Managing Others”.

PeopleMaps is the only system that lets you design your own reports and that is so easy to use.

Order Reports or Free trial credits

The Order Reports page has also been redesigned  This is where you can also request free trial credits. PeopleMaps gently insists you try the system out for yourself before you buy a thing and will give you free credits to prove the system to you.

order reports

No Training Required

Most professional profiling systems insist you take an expensive training course. Their reports are often full of jargon and make sense only to those who have been trained. However PeopleMaps has created a system that is so easy to use that you will be up and running within ten minutes.

From the minute you login to your Control Room, to you have a report in your hand takes about 5 minutes, and three of those minutes will be you filling in the questionnaire so that you can read your own report.

It’s a professional system. It’s extremely advanced in both its psychology and its technology, however as it was designed for the Internet since its inception, it is extremely quick and easy to use.

Most other systems were originally paper based systems and have not perhaps made as smooth a transition to the Internet. PeopleMaps is an Internet service and always has been.

This means you also get to enjoy Internet prices.

Fast Personality Test

The questionnaire comes in a 5Q version and a 10Q version, taking the user around 3 minutes or 7 minutes to complete respectively. Now you may think that such a short questionnaire cannot be so accurate but I urge you to try it for yourself. Because of the clever design, we can develop incredible accuracy with only a handful of statements. Try it and you be the judge.

Video Walk Through. How To Design  A Report

Here is a short video walking you through the new “Design a new report” feature. No sound is required so you can watch this in an open office.


And finally if you do get stuck with anything you can simply click on the “Help” button and PeopleMaps will do it all for you. Just tell us what you are trying to do and we will design a report that meets your needs and your budget.


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