If I ever get my hands on the designer of my video remote control, he is guaranteed a beating.

Like most remote controls, there are only about three buttons I use. And yet every button is the same size. And every button is so small you can never find it, especially when lying on the couch in the dark watching a movie.

So this is why the brief for the new PeopleMaps Control Room was simple. “Give me Big Button technology.”

Ironically we also ended up with three buttons. 99% of the time you will only need to use these three buttons.

PeopleMaps Personality Testing System Control Room


All the other buttons are still there. All the advanced tools are still available to you but most of the time you will only need the three big buttons, so that’s what we have focused on.

PeopleMaps was always easy to use but now it’s even easier.

The new “Quick Start Guide“, which you will find in the top right hand menu of your Control Room, spells it all out and will have you up and running in a couple of minutes.

Saving you time – 2 clicks

Who has the time to learn new systems these days? Even changing your phone is a massive thought because the thought of having to learn a new interface is just too daunting.

One of my profs at uni would often repeat, “Creating clever systems is not enough. They also have to be intuitive to use.” He was ahead of his time, as we now live in an age when no one reads the manual. When was the last time you read an operating manual for some gadget you bought? – Exactly.

You should be able to use the new PeopleMaps Control Room without reading the manual.

Your feedback is welcome so go and try out the new Control Room for yourself.

It’s tricky making something with lots of facilities easy to use but I think we have managed it. I think you will be able to quickly read personality reports without getting a sore head in the process.

My objective was, that from the minute you receive an email telling you a candidate has completed the personality questionnaire, to having their report on your desk in front of you, would take less than 2 minutes.

The slowest part of the process being how long your printer takes.

It takes two clicks to have a candidate report on the screen in front of you.

It takes another two clicks to print it off.

2 clicks – It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than that.

Done For Your Service, also saves you time.

As you can see the new Control Room design is all about making it quick and easy for you.

We have also added a new “Done For Your Service”. This is what happens when you click the big green button that says “New Design”.

You still have the facility to go and design your own reports any time you want but if you prefer for a PeopleMaps Coach to do it for you then simply tell us about your project and we will just do it for you.

A couple of sentences from you is usually all we need to provide you with a custom report that specifically meets your needs.


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