PeopleMaps has created a leadership style questionnaire so that you may evaluate what kind of leader an individual will make.

There is a school of thought that all leaders are born and not made, and to a certain extent, this may be true. However, there are some important factors you must consider before you make rash judgements.

To help you deal with this complex issue, we have developed the leadership style questionnaire. Or more accurately, the leadership style personality report.

The Leadership Style Questionnaire

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leadership style questionnaire

The actual PeopleMaps personality questionnaire doesn’t change, as it has been refined over many years to reproduce very accurate results. But you have complete control over the report design. You can pick the topics you want to read about an individual, so if you want to know about someone’s management style then select that topic.

Is there a specific personality type that makes the best leader?

One of the reasons we developed the topic and the questionnaire on leadership and management styles, was because we get asked this question a lot. There are some schools of thought that believe in a stereotypical leadership style.

However, at PeopleMaps we understand that great leaders are found across the personality spectrum. So what the leadership style questionnaire is not asking is “are you a leader?” Instead, it is helping you answer the question “what kind of leader are you?”

If you consider Allan Sugar and Richard Branson, you will see that they are both exceptional leaders yet have very different leadership styles.

Great leaders have discovered how to be themselves and lead in a style that is compatible with their core personality. Trying to use someone else’s leadership style is like wearing someone else’s jacket, it’s never going to fit very well and you will always feel uncomfortable.

So who should use the leadership style questionnaire?

If you are a senior manager and you are looking to promote someone into a leadership role, then you should know as much about their leadership style as possible so that you can judge if they will be compatible with the existing team.

Often a good team member makes a poor promotion because their leadership style is not compatible. This is a very difficult thing to judge, particularly if you know the person as it is very hard to remain objective. Being good at the job does not mean someone will be good at leading the team that does the job.

This is a common problem we see when sales staff are promoted into sales management positions. Often we see the person disliking the promotion because all the things they liked about their sales job are no longer present. And a bunch of new tasks such as management and admin and planning have been added to their tasks.

The leadership style questionnaire will help you remain objective in your decision, both for internal appointments and external.

If you are considering moving into leadership yourself and you want to know what your natural leadership style actually is then read your own report. You will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself and you stand a chance of becoming a very successful leader as a result.

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