The PeopleMaps Leadership Personality Test is possibly a little different from what you were expecting.

For starters, it’s not a test. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and we find great leaders from across the personality spectrum. So although we call it the leadership personality test, I have to point out that it is not a test.

But it will help you identify your own leadership style or if you are a coach, then you can use it to help the leaders (or potential leaders) you are working with to find their own leadership style.

Video examples of how the Leadership Personality Test really works

Avoid Bad Mimicking with the Leadership Personality Test

Traditionally we have been encouraged to emulate other successful leaders. And on the surface it makes sense. If it worked for one person, it will work for another.

However, the problem is that you also have to take into consideration the personality type of the person concerned. I can only be me. I cannot be you.

So simply mimicking other leaders is not the answer

What is leadership?

In Wikipedia Leadership is defined as;

“a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”

Leadership is more complex than management. We all have our own ideas about who makes a good leader and what a good leader looks like. But these are often stereotypes that rarely are reflected in the real world.

Who makes a good leader?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as you would probably like.

This is why we use a Leadership Personality Test. If you want to know what kind of leader you are, then take the test.

leadership personality test

What Can a Leadership Personality Test Tell You About Your Leadership Styles

There are many different leadership styles and you have probably heard of the authoritarian leadership style, the participative leadership style and even the transformational leadership style.

And it’s true that one style will suit you more than another. But the most important factor in all of this is to ensure you lead in accordance with your own personality type.

You have to be true to yourself if you are to develop as a leader.

Leadership style test

The PeopleMaps Leadership Personality Test will help you identify your natural leadership style. It will provide you with a personality report that helps you understand your particular approach to leadership.

Leadership coaching

If you are a coach working with leaders then we encourage you to register for a free account and design your own report covering the issues that you feel are most pertinent to leadership.

Use the personality report to help your clients find the leader they should be. Chances are it is a very different leader from the one they thought they should be.

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