I have been reading a lot about how the job application process is changing due to the proliferation of smart phones.

Given that most websites are still not “responsive”, ie they cannot be read on a smart phone, I doubt that many companies have a mobile friendly job application process.Air Blower

Let me quote some extracts from this article http://mashable.com/2014/03/02/smartphone-job-application/



Rayanne Thorn, vice president of product marketing and strategy at Technomedia Talent Management, a global talent management software platform, predicts mobile will become the new normal.

“More and more people are using mobile for all computing and online activities — online job applications are the norm now. Gone are the days of simply walking into a workplace and filling out an application,” says Thorn. “Applying online is now requisite in most pre-hire situations, and with over 7 billion mobile devices out there, applying via mobile should be an obvious standard.”

I have no doubt that employers who are not mobile friendly have placed themselves at a significant disadvantage. In short, mobile friendly competitors are presented with a better pool of candidates to choose from.

This is one of the reasons that PeopleMaps has already made the Personality Questionnaire page used in our recruitment application, Responsive.

Whether the job applicant is on a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android mobile, they will be able to clearly read the personality questionnaire and registration form.

Essentially, the goal [with mobile job applications] is to make sure that when you do see a job opportunity listed, you can apply right away (when you’re excited about it!) versus having to bookmark the site and come back to it once you’re back on your computer.” Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS.

The trend towards increased use of smart phones is pretty obvious. Let’s face it, most of us cant go anywhere without our smartphone. I believe the recruitment process has a lot of catching up to do.

At PeopleMaps we believe that having a mobile friendly recruitment process is important but what do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions about this below.

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