How To Interview Someone and Hire The Right Person First Time Every Time

Discover how to interview someone and hire the right person first time every time. Remove the element of risk and give your company a competitive edge.

Recruitment Gurus Needed

If you have attended a few job interviews you may have realised already that most people on the other side of the desk do not really know how to interview someone.

I can confirm that pretty much everyone making a hiring decision is a part-time amateur with no training on how to hire or how to interview. They almost certainly have no training on the psychology of selection.

This is why your company needs someone who knows how to interview someone – and with this new course it could be you.

We have just released a new free course called “How To Hire How To Interview – The Psychology of Selection“.

How To Interview Someone

How To Interview SomeoneA big part of what we do at PeopleMaps is help employers make better hiring decisions.

I work on both sides of the desk; I help job seekers and employers.

So it is with my personal experience and the feedback from many job seekers that I can honestly say there is a major training need when it comes to interviewing someone.

Very few people know how to interview someone for a job.

As an interviewer you need to do more than pick up the phone. An interviewer has a lot of responsibility and needs a lot of skill.

You have to ask the right questions and know what to look for in the answer, whether its face to face or on the phone. A phone interview can be the most difficult.

Could You Fill This Skills Gap

Imagine you were the “Go To” person when it came to making recruitment decisions in your company?

Well with this new training course you could be just that.

Let’s put it in simple terms; if you making better decisions than your competitors, then you have given your company a significant competitive edge.

Who is the course for?

Are you fed up having to live with with the poor decisions other people have made?

Are you a line manager and need to have the very best people on your team?

Are you a professional consultant and want to understand more about the psychology of selection?

Are you in HR and want a more robust approach to your process?

In short anyone who wants to see the best candidates getting hired.

It’s FREE To Try

The course is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Rather than bombard you with sales talk we decided to create a completely free course and let you get started. There is an option to upgrade to an advanced user level if you want to but the free course is complete. It will take you a long way towards becoming a Recruitment Guru.

Just complete this short personality questionnaire to register and begin the free course.


Your Competitive Edge

For most companies their biggest spend is on people. It takes a lot of money to pay them and to train them. The one area where you can create a real significant edge in your market is in recruitment.

Most of your competitors don’t bother trying. They simply outsource it to a recruitment agency and think their job is done.

Whether you use an agency or not, you need to know more about how to make better hiring decisions. The agency doesn’t make the hiring decision, you do.

If you can make better decisions than your competitors then you have given yourself a significant competitive edge. This is why you need to know how to hire.

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