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So how can Jigsaws help you with your recruitment?

I was working with a client recently who has a staff turnover issue.

As I started to investigate and gather information, it became apparent that there was insufficient understanding of the job.


I like to do 1000-piece Eurographics Jigsaws. What’s special about them is that every piece is a different shape.

Conventional jigsaws maybe only have six different shapes plus the edge pieces.

Understanding The Space

Because every piece is a different shape you have to understand the space, not just their piece.

This particular puzzle is “In Blue” by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. As you can see it has a lot of blue areas.

When faced with large areas of one colour it is essential to understand the space as often the only thing you have to go on is the shape.

the space

Your Work Space

When I ask an employer to describe the work environment they have a vacancy for, invariably I get a list of things the employee will be doing.

“But what’s it actually like?” I ask, which usually gets a blank look.

This is understandable as the job advert and job description focus on explaining what needs to be done and what the employer is looking for in the candidate.

Also, they are “selling” the job.

So there is little reason or call for anyone to describe the actual work environment; the space the employee will be experiencing.

Why Do We Need To Understand The Space?

The No 1 reason people quit their job or struggle in their job is because the work environment is incompatible.

We all have our preferred work environments and regardless of what the actual work environment is, there will be some personality types that thrive in it whilst most will struggle to cope.

This has nothing to do with skills, qualifications or experience. This is purely a function of personality type.

It’s only when you understand the actual work environment can you understand and identify who will thrive in it and who will struggle to cope.

Success Profile

When PeopleMaps is building your Success Profile, we start by developing our understanding of the actual work environment.

This is the cornerstone of good recruitment and without it, you are building on sand.

Contact PeopleMaps today and ask about getting Success Profiles built for your existing roles.

The Finished Jigsaw

Here is the finished jigsaw. 

in blue jigsaw
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