How would you like to see at a glance, which candidates have what you are looking for?

How would you like to half the time you spend processing job candidates and still end up hiring better candidates?

A picture paints a thousand words, which is why PeopleMaps introduced the PeopleMaps Gauges. These colourful devices let you see how a candidate scores for a very specific issue.

For example, let’s say you are hiring someone for your telesales team and you know they will be cold calling most of the day.

There are some people that can cope with that but the majority of people will really struggle. There will also be some who wouldn’t last the day.

You need to hire people can at least cope with this. If not, you are likely to experience a high staff turnover, because no matter what they say, if the candidate’s personality type is not wired to cope with a cold calling environment, they will burn out or quit.

cold call gauge

In the above example, the candidate is borderline. If there were other candidates scoring 70 or higher then you would prioritise them when it comes to creating a shortlist.

Save Time With PeopleMaps Gauges

The Gauges are a quick guide to let you prioritise a lot of candidates and make quick, easy comparisons. They are not the whole story, which is why we strongly recommend you read the rest of the report about the candidate and not just uses the Gauges in isolation.

If you have twenty candidates to consider, use the Gauges to help you identify your best 5 candidates and then interview and process these five first. The chances are you will not need to interview the other fifteen.

Use the Gauges properly and you will not only hire better candidates and reduce your staff turnover but you will save yourself a ton of time on candidate selection. You should easily be able to half the time you spend on recruitment.

What Do The Gauges Tell You?

Recruitment personality testingThere are dozens of PeopleMaps Gauges and we are adding to the library on a regular basis. What PeopleMaps discovered was that if we select a very specific activity, we can measure an individual’s natural aptitude for it and score them from 0 to 100. As a rule the higher the score, the more natural aptitude the individual has for the activity.

There are around a dozen different report designs in the Interview Pro range and each one uses a different set of Gauges. For example in Interview Pro for Face To Face Sales Roles, you will find the following Gauges;

  • Natural ability to build rapport
  • Naturally enthusiastic.
  • Willing to cold call, on the telephone or face to face
  • Prepared To Write Detailed Sales Activity Reports
  • Willing to stick to an agreed process and or stick to a telephone script
  • Willing to ask for the money.
  • Regularly seeks client referrals
  • Pushes past rejection to close a sale.
  • Results focused
  • Not deflected by bullying clients.
  • Natural Determination To Close The Sale
  • Competes with self and others. Winning matters.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.

If you are looking to hire a salesperson, then this is exactly the kind of information you need.

You want to know how naturally willing the candidate is about asking clients for money. A good salesperson has to ask for the order. They also have to cope with rejection and be able to build rapport.

Now it is unlikely a candidate will score 90+ for all of the above but at least you can see where they have natural ability and where they will struggle. this makes it very easy for your recruitment panel to compare and prioritise candidates.

Different Interview Pro report designs use different Gauges as we always try and provide information that is most pertinent to each job role.

Video Demonstration On How To Quickly Prioritise Your Job Candidates

The following video demonstrates how to quickly build a shortlist of your very best candidates. Ten minutes doing this will save you days of interviewing candidates that will never work out in the job.



If you want to save time on recruitment and hire better candidates, then use the PeopleMaps Gauges. There is no interpretation required as it is a simple 0-100 score. It is a broad brush approach and you will need to read the personality report text to get the detail about each candidate. However, the Gauges will let you see at a glance which candidates to spend your time with.

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