Wallpaper is like a hangover but without the preemtive fun part.

I like my house for all sorts of reasons but the main reason I bought it was because the only room that was wallpapered was the bathroom. It was virtually a wallpaper free zone.

I don’t understand people that wallpaper. I understand them even less than people with hangovers. I understand that hangovers are payback for too much fun the previous night but where is the fun in wallpapering? People stand for days with a scraper in one hand and a steamer in the other muttering, “never again” to themselves and then what do they do as soon as they have a smooth virgin wall? They add new wallpaper to it.

And it’s because I simply don’t get it, that I can say with confidence that DIY is a personality issue. The world is full of people like me who simply don’t get people like you. This is particularly true if you are a wallpaper enthusiast.

My hope is that although I may never grow to like wallpapering, I may at least grow to understand people that do. Personality profiling may help us both.


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