Generally when someone refers to me using a four letter word, it`s not complementary. Although in Scotland it`s almost a term of endearment but in general it`s not nice.

It`s not nice for a number of reasons, one of them being because it`s a gross over simplification of something as complex as me (or you for that matter).

Even to be insulted and cursed I insist upon a complex sentence or even a paragraph. A mere word just won`t suffice. It`s not big and it`s not clever.

Which is why PeopleMaps psychometric reports avoid labels. If a single four letter word is insufficient to insult someone then I don`t think it is adequate to describe an individuals entire personality.

I`m not a S#@% or any other four letter word. I am a complex individual that deserves to be insulted in a complex way. If PeopleMaps were to insult you they would take several pages and do you justice. As it is we do not want to insult you or anyone else but we do want to respect your complexity as a human being. We also want to provide you with information that you can immediately use.

Having your label is simply insufficient and often distracting. This is why PeopleMaps provides you with psychometric, personality reports that have a specific purpose, that aim to lead you somewhere, to help you move your life forward. A personality report for it`s own sake is simply a bit S#@%

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