Is it possible for two candidates to have identical results in Shortlist Pro?


People are unique. We use profiling to help us simplify and understand individuals a little better. As we are representing unique analogue data as a digital result, there is a degree of rounding up and rounding down. Hence two people who are very similar, can end up with identical results. There are only a finite number of results in a digital system. This is true of all personality profiling systems.

What do you do if two or more candidates have identical results?

PeopleMaps aims to have individuals agree with about 80% of the results. It’s perfectly normal to disagree with about 20% of the results. However some people will agree with 100% of the results but this is the exception not the rule.

Two people with the same results will agree and disagree with different statements. Even if they both agree with a statement, one will agree with it more strongly than the other. Similarly with statements they disagree with; one will disagree more strongly than the other.

When talking to each individual, you have the opportunity to explore the results in more detail with them. This is where you increase the resolution and get into the detail.

Remember every individual is unique. Personality profiling is, by its nature, a tool to help simplify the complex. It is designed to round up and round down.

Are the results still accurate if two people have the same results?


Two or more people with identical results has no baring on the accuracy of the system.

When you have two or more people with identical results, you are experiencing a resolution issue, not an accuracy issue. PeopleMaps resolution is higher than all other professional profiling systems that we are aware of.

Resolution varies from topic to topic

PeopleMaps results are a combination of several topics. Some topics are in a higher resolution than others. Topics with a low resolution are more likely to return identical results.

About Shortlist Pro

Shortlist Pro is designed to help you reduce a long list of say 100, down to a shortlist of 10-20.

By its nature it is a broad brush, so you can experience candidates with identical results in some instances. However it is in using InterviewPro that you will distinguish between the two candidates. Shortlist Pro is not designed to give you high resolution. It is designed to reduce large numbers of candidates down to a manageable list for interview.

About Interview Pro

Interview Pro is designed to tell you a lot about a candidate. More importantly it is designed to help you dig deeper when talking to the candidate to get them to open up and reveal who they really are. Interview Pro is like a key to a door, rather than being the room itself. Use the key to open up the door.

Guard Against Oversimplifying

Never forget that humans are unique. The PeopleMaps suite of personality tools is designed to help us understand people better, however no personality profiler can tell you the whole story. Use the tools properly and you will get amazing insight and results from them. But be careful not to oversimplify. Humans are complex.

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