Just been to see a great movie, The Stone of Destiny. It’s set in Scotland in the 1950’s, where a handful of students stole the Stone of Destiny from Westminster in England to return it to it’s rightful place in Scotland.

I took a lot of things from this wee film but the most dominant thing that struck me was of entrepreneurship.

If you see the film then you may wonder why entrepreneurship, as there was no personal gain for any of the students involved. In fact the conspirators suffered personally for the deed and yet I couldn’t help but be struck by their spirit of entrepreneurship.

And in terms of personality our group was a mixed bunch, each finding their own ground, their own way of facing the world.

Their plan will flimsy. They were ill prepared. They had insufficient resources. It was plain foolish to attempt it. If a business manager had been consulted he would have pointed out the obvious flaws and given then a hundred good reasons not to do it. But this handful of students proceeded in any case.

You see with any new idea, new business, new ambition, one can find a hundred reasons not to do it. The Entrepreneur however need only find one reason to go ahead. One flimsy, stuck together, ill thought through reason, to go ahead. It’s why they fail. It is also why they succeed against all odds and all sense.

I should have came out of this film all bursting with Scottish pride, and I did but more than that I came out proud to be an entrepreneur. The entire film for me personally, was a raspberry at every accountant and banker that ever lived. A raspberry to all the naysayers and the doom mongers. I understood these people. I admired them and their foolhardiness.

So if you are an entrepreneur or you would like to become one and you are looking for some inspiration, go and see The Stone of Destiny. You don’t even need to be Scottish.

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