Facebook is coming into the mainstream with employers. In Seth Godin`s article on Internship he also talks about how he set up a Facebook group for would be interns.

OK, so he is a little ahead of the curve but for a while now we have been watching the recruitment landscape change and it is more like a landslide than a tree being planted, so get with it, or be swept aside.

Earlier this year the PeopleMaps team went into the bunker to develop a new career product. We thought it would take a couple of weeks. It ended up taking four months and it was all triggered by us realising the impact that social media is having on career development. And when I read that people like Seth are implementing Facebook in new and exciting ways I know it won`t be long before many other are following. (He has a huge following as you know and sets trends.)

The PeopleMaps Dream Job home study programme is huge and half of it deals with how to use social media to advance your career. The other half shows you how to use your personality profile to identify and land your dream job.

Picture yourself standing at the foot of a landslide, CV in hand, with a million tons of rock coming straight for you. That`s the scenario you face if you are not using social media correctly. Don`t take my word for it read Seth.

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