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Thanks for helping us with our research.

Our objective is to study how our personality type may affect our driving and identify ways of improving road safety and reducing accidents.

If we save just one life, then it is worth it.

Your contribution to this research is appreciated and I think you will find the free report quite interesting.

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All we ask is your first name. You are not asked for your email address, so the report and data remains anonymous. We will use the compiled statistical results in our research.

Answer Honestly

Please answer honestly. We only ask for your first name and will only use the statistical data. No one will see your individual report unless you show it to them.

3 Minutes

The short questionnaire should only take about 3 minutes to complete.

Save Lives

174,510 people were killed or injured in road accidents in the UK in 2017. That’s a lot of hurt.

PeopleMaps is researching ways to reduce the number of road accidents by looking at the psychology of car drivers.

If we can save one life with this research then it has been worth your time and ours.

At this stage, we need to collect data, which is why we need your help. By taking a couple of minutes to complete this questionnaire you are contributing to road safety.

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