A PeopleMaps Personality Report for Business

Overview: Recruitment consultant is a very demanding role. Traditionally this is a job with a very high churn rate. It’s a broad job role, but we have captured the key elements you need to know about in order to make excellent hiring decisions.

What’s in the report: This report has been designed to make interviewing quick, easy and effective. It’s all too easy to have a “nice chat” but not come any the wiser or closer to making a hiring decision. The report covers the key topics that are critical to these job roles. PeopleMaps knows the recruitment industry very well and we’ve developed this report to meet your specific needs.

When to use the report: Use the report to make an existing team operate better. You may also use it when recruiting a new member for an existing team to ensure they fit in and are not disruptive.

Topics in the report:

Ideal Sales Environment
Key Strengths
Managing Customers and Services
PeopleMaps Map
Overview (short)
Planning and Managing Resources and Results
Rejection handling
Results Focus
Sales Ability
Working under pressure

How much does it cost: Reports are £25 each and discount is available once you order 5 or more.

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