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Selecting managers or potential managers is a serious business as your business may depend upon them. The Manager Report is ideal for management positions of all types; from Engineering Managers to Sales Managers, to Admin Managers.

What’s in the report

Not only are you provided with comments about The report is divided into a number of sections covering a range of topics relevent to management positions. Each section includes a quick, easy to read graph to help you visualise the candidate.

Interview questions are provided with each topic and the PeopleMaps business psychologists has peppered the report with comments in order that you understand what it is you are exploring with each set of questions.

The Manager Report also includes the PeopleMaps Map, a unique way of identifying the type of personality you are dealing with.

When to use the report

Manager is ideal when you are looking for managers or potential managers. This report has been used in graduate recruitment, where the company was looking to see who had future management potential.

Use the report to create your shortlist and then to guide you through powerful, effective interviews.

Topics in the report

Key Strengths
Propensity towards action
Influencing skills
Natural tendency to analyse
Attitude towards change
Areas of Challenge
Ability to Present
Working under pressure
Decision Making
Results Focus
Entrepreneurial flair

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