You have now discovered the webs best Psychometric Career Test. This article explains everything you need to know about how to use a Psychometric Career Test.

What is a Psychometric Career Test

Traditionally you most likely made your career decisions based on what you were good at at school. When you are fifteen there isn’t so much to work with and teachers / parents rarely have the time to look at you closely. So your school subjects and exam results play a huge part in your career decisions making.

But there is a lot more to you than your exam results. And as you leave school, your exam results become less and less relevant. For most people they become completely irrelevant and yet we find ourselves holding onto them like a drowning man hangs onto float-some.

Career Tests

You may have completed some sort of career test, where you answer a bunch of questions and the computer spits out a list of job titles or university courses you should consider. Again these tend to be based around your experience so far, which let’s face it, as a teenager is pretty limited.

A Psychometric Career Test is Different

A psychometric Career test is not interested in your school experience or at looking at your exam results. It is instead more interested in your personality type. It looks at you more holistically.

Your experience has little or no baring on your personality type. A Psychometric is more about what makes you tick. A psychometric test is only interested in who you are and what your preferred behaviour is.

Who can use a Psychometric Career Test

Anyone over the age of  twelve can use psychometric career test. Whether you are twelve or eighty, you can benefit from a deeper understanding of self.

Use it to help you decide which courses to study. Use it to help you decide which jobs to apply for.

Did you know that most people are in the wrong career? You don’t need to be one of them.

What you can learn from employers about Psychometric Career Tests that they have known for over fifty years

Employers have known for over fifty years that if they put the right people in the right job then they got better results. They enjoyed higher performance levels and lower staff turnover. In short they had more contented staff.

The big breakthrough was in realising that a job that suited one person, did not suit another. And this had nothing to do with skills or experience. It was purely to do with personality.

Use your Career Psychometric Test to ensure you place yourself in the right job. Learn from the best employers in the world. Emulate them. If it works for them, it will work for you too.

How to use your Psychometric Career Test

psychometric career testPeopleMaps provides you with a free career psychometric test. Just go to the top of the page and register as an individual and get your hands on the free PeopleMaps personality report.

It will provide you with guidance on what to do with the results and your career. Use it to help you discover your ideal job.

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