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Coaches and trainers have a difficult job but they are sorely needed. For too long we have all struggled to go it alone and figure things out for ourselves. But it’s slow and unreliable. Engaging a coach is a sure way to get the results you want quicker.

We think nothing of turning to someone to teach us a new skill and yet it is rarely our lack of skill that holds us back. This was very apparent in the Olympics this year.

I saw several coaches interviewed and they all spoke about the mind set of the athletes. It was pretty clear that getting your head in the right place was critical to sports success and this is true of pretty much everything else we try. This is why coaches are so important. They can help us tap into that special place.

PeopleMaps is excited to work with more and more coaches in diverse disciplines. We know that we can help coaches and their clients get results quicker. Understanding who we are is an essential step in any development process.

You are hereYou are here

In the same way that a map is uterly useless if we do not know where we are starting from, coaching is a similar experience.

This is why so many coaches use personality profiling. It helps everyone discover your “you are here”.

The clearer we are about who we are and where we are starting from, the quicker we will reach our destinations.

Why Coaches Like PeopleMaps

There a few reasons like to use PeopleMaps reports. Here are the most common ines I hear.

1)  It lets the coach create custom reports.

Instead of having a one size fits all approach, PeopleMaps lets the coach decide which topics they want to include in the client report. Not sure any other system lets you do this. There are dozens of topics to choose from, so regardless of what aspect the coach is working with, there will be a relevant topic.

2) It’s a quick questionniare

5 minutes instead of 35 minutes. And yet the reports are incredibly accurate. This is simply because PeopleMaps was designed for the Internet user from Day 1.

Coaches do not want to ask clients to fill in a 35 minute personality questionnaire online. It’s just too long and a turn off. PeopleMaps has devised a very clever system that gathers the data fast without compromise.

3) The price

There is no doubt about it, times are tough, so coaches need to buy wisely. Even if you are passing on the cost to your clients.

PeopleMaps provides huge loyalty incentives to coaches as regular users. Take out the Silver Membership and coaches get an immediate 50% discount on all reports. This means that a small report may cost as little as £2.50 ($4)


Whatever you are coaching in, PeopleMaps would love to hear from you. Got an interesting application then tell us about it. Let us write up your story and perhaps share it with the 1.4 million registered users we have.


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