Here are the typical job roles that you can use PeopleMaps reports to help you with when you are recruiting. Regardless of your job role we will be able to design a report specifically for you. Please get in touch.

Sales Professionals 
Recruiting sales people? Then you need this report. Sales style is all about the person. This report will help you identify the sales people that are most appropriate for your company.

Executive Roles
When you need to know everything, the Exec report is for you. It is essential when recruiting people for senior positions, and talks about how they cope with all the key result areas of any business.

Contact Centres – Low monthly fee
Contact Centres have a unique situation and this report has been designed exclusively to help you reduce your staff churn rate.

Hiring Managers or looking for management potential in the long run? This report gives you graphs, interview questions and a deep insight into the candidate. It also includes the unique PeopleMaps Map.

If you don’t have time or inclination to interview every applicant then use this low cost report to help you compile a really good short list of candidates.

Customer Service 
It could be said that companies rise or fall on the calibre of their Customer Service. If you want to ensure you hire people with the right attitude for customer service then this is the report you need.

PA, Admin and Secretaries 

Smooth admin really helps a company succeed. If you want to ensure you hire the best administrators, this report will help identify the candidate for you.

Team Builder
Good teams make good companies and good profits. This report will help you understand your team and how to get the most from them when they are working together.

Banking and Finance 
Responsible jobs and increasingly competitive, needing more dynamic individuals. Understand your candidates in more depth using our role specific report.

Recruitment Consultants 
Hiring Recruitment Consultants can be challenging. This report has been specifically designed for this pupose and talks about the key result areas pertaining to the role.

HR Professional
HR is a demanding and responsible role. This report will help you make this very important hiring decision. It includes interview questions and consultants comments.

Team Leader 
Not everyone makes a good leader. Not everyone leads in the same way – and it’s all to do with personality. A poor leader can upset the whole team and make everyone less productive. Get it right first time – use this report to spot your most natural Team Leaders.

The Hospitality Sector is one of the largest employers and it is the area where people with the wrong attitude are more noticable. Personality is critical in this sector so make sure you know who you are hiring.

Software Developer
Software developers don’t all live in the basement eating pizza! To get the best from them, you will need to interact – so make sure you understand who you are employing.

It is important that retail staff have compatible personalities as how they interact with the public and other members of staff is very important to the success of the business. This report talks about the key elements that are most important to working in retail.

For safer driving and better driver training use this report.

Senior Managers & Directors
Employing senior managers and directors is an expensive business and you want to get it right first time.

Marketing professionals are difficult to identify from a CV as personality is very important to the role – it’s not just about qualifications. This report will help you identify your next Marketer.

Staff Appraisal
Annual staff appraisals often don’t take into account the individual concerned. With Staff Appraisal, you will conduct more personal and more meaningful staff appraisals.

Development and Training 
Before you embark on any training or development programme you should seek to understand your people. This report will be as valuable as a data projector at your next training session.

Stress in the Workplace
Don’t suffer stress. Manage it. This report will help you understand how an individual relates to their work place stress.

Hiring legal staff? This report is everything you need as it covers all the pertinent issues relating to the legal professional.

It’s difficult to distinguish one accountancy candidate from another using only their CV. If you want to know about the person you may be working with for the next few years then you need the PeopleMaps Accountancy Report.

Sports Recruitment 
Sports professionals are amongst the highest paid people on the planet, therefore it is even more important that you understand who you are recruiting. Having skill is never enough; attitude is crucial.

IT and Engineering 
This report includes topics specific to IT and Engineering roles. These jobs often command a high salary so make sure that you hire people that fit in with your existing environment and team. You don’t want skilled people who give you a lot of sore heads.

The NHS is going through a lot of changes and PeopleMaps has developed reports specifically to help in the selection and development of NHS staff.

Business Start Up 
Are you working with business start ups and new ventures? Then you need to know a lot about the person at the helm. This report comments on all the key result areas and will tell you where the person will excel and where they will struggle.

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