PeopleMaps is soon to release a new range of personality reports specifically for personal coaches.

personality reports for coachesThis new range of reports is called Coaching Pro and it has been developed specifically with personal coaches in mind.

Many coaches use off the shelf reports but these rarely go into enough detail about specific applications. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

PeopleMaps has written a range of reports about specific subject areas such as;

  • Career Development
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Weight Management.

So the chances are that whatever it is you are helping your coaching clients with, PeopleMaps has a report that you can use.

Coaching Pro is currently in beta mode and only a handful of coaches are being allowed to use it. Once the feedback phase is finished the service will be rolled out to all personal coaches.

Details on pricing etc have not yet been finalised.




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