PeopleMaps is working more and more with coaches from a wide range of disciplines and practices, which is why we have released the new Coaches Range of personality reports, designed specifically for coaches to use with their clients.

John White is one of the coaches we have enjoyed working with and he is running an interesting and unusual event in London this weekend.

My son and many of his friends are actors, so we know at first hand how difficult it is to cope with this difficult profession. It is a profession that will see your confidence take a hit on a regular basis.

surviving actorsJohn has been working in this field for a while now but I will let him tell you about it himself.

If you are an actor or know any actors then you probably want to read this and even go along to this event.


Guest Post by John While


My passion to help and support others is split two ways the performing arts and small business. So much so that two years ago I visited Surviving Actors as member of the public.

I did this to get a see if it vibrated with my passion and get a feel of how I could support actors. I walked out of there event with an idea. That idea came to fruition last year , in collaboration with Martin Gibbons owner of PeopleMaps, when I presented a workshop at Surviving Actors entitled “Bullet Proof Confidence” based on three challenges actors face;

  • Criticism,
  • Internal criticism and
  • Rejection.

The event was so busy that time beat me, however this year I return to the battlefield I call “Challenge” and finish off what I started last year with a standalone workshop – Anchoring, How to Put Yourself Into A Peak State, again with input from PeopleMaps.

Come and see me at stall in the Main Hall

Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
22 Portman Square
Saturday 7th Feb 2015
10 am till 5pm

I think it must be three years ago that I had the pleasure of meeting Martin Gibbons face to face in London, where he presented one of his many workshops. To say illuminating from what I found about myself is an understatement! In particular what Martin shared with me about where I sit on the PeopleMaps Island was the icing on the cake! This workshop  really dotted the “I” s and crossed the”T” s for me.

Tickets are still available for Anchoring.

Here is a video interview from last years event to give you an idea.

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