www.PeopleMaps.com will celebrate the official launch of its ground-breaking new online psychometric profiling system for employers and recruiters tomorrow, 1st May 2008, with a £200,000 gift to the 1,000 companies across 49 countries which helped in its development.

Psychometric profiling is used in staff recruitment and development by over 65% of companies in the UK, but traditional methods involve lengthy paper based testing and analysis processes which are typically outsourced to large consultancy organisations.

Glasgow based PeopleMaps’s technical innovation and report delivery via the web means that a range of psychometric profile reports covering a wide variety of jobs, industries and even someone’s potential to start their own business, can be created and delivered securely within minutes via the company’s web site at www.peoplemaps.com.

Martin Gibbons, CEO of PeopleMaps said; “The costs involved in offline testing excludes many smaller companies from being able to use psychometric testing, the same companies with potentially the most to gain.

“The typical cost of hiring a new employee is estimated at around £15,000 so absorbing the costs involved if it doesn’t work out can be horrendous for a small organisation. Plus, people’s ability to handle the ‘soft skills’ side of business such as communication, team management and being able to motivate others is now recognised as key to making businesses more profitable and better places to work.”

A lack of the right soft skills can often result in high staff turnover, creative opportunities lost or not capitalised on and the inability of top management without relevant soft skills to make decisions.

PeopleMaps used the feedback from the 1,000 companies that registered on the company’s ‘beta’ test site in the design and development of the new service and PeopleMaps has given these firms £200 to spend on the system to say thank you.

The new profiling service took two years to develop and complements the company’s existing profiling system for jobseekers which has already attracted over 1.5 million registered users worldwide.

Martin Gibbons said; “The generosity and support of our customers from all around the world has constantly motivated us and although we’re still very much a start up company, this is one small way with which to say that we really appreciate all their help in building the new service.

“What traditionally could cost thousands of pounds can now be delivered faster and easier for as little as £10 online. That’s what people wanted and that’s what PeopleMaps is delivering.

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