PeopleMaps Launches Free Psychometric Profile Reports Service to Save Industry Millions

October 21st 2009 – Online psychometric profiling company PeopleMaps today launched a completely free service to help companies save millions of pounds in the cost of recruitment by profiling every applicant for a job, at a time when companies face one of the recession’s biggest recruitment issues – unprecedented numbers of unsuitable applicants for every job.

“The UK recruitment industry is currently worth £26billion per year and PeopleMaps will save companies a chunk of that money. We’ve launched the service to help employers who are suffering from ‘application overload’ as the number of both suitable and unqualified candidates applying for fewer jobs has gone through the roof,” explained Martin Gibbons, CEO of PeopleMaps, which has over 1.2 million registered users worldwide.

By comparing every applicant’s personality profile against a ‘benchmark’ profile for a job, employers can reduce the time and expense spent on the recruitment process by around 75%. Even during this recession 10,000 new jobs are advertised each day through JobCentrePlus alone. A 75% reduction in the cost of recruiting for these positions equates to potentially tens of millions of pounds saved by industry.

Mike Bansal, CEO of recruitment consultancy and headhunting firm Talentweb said; “One client placed a single advert for an administration job and received 460 applications in a day. Company policy was to scan and retain every CV the company received; it must have taken days even before she started filtering candidates. It’s unsustainable for companies to deal effectively with this deluge of applications and they need new tools to help them.”

The latest technologies and instant secure online delivery allows PeopleMaps to provide the entirely free service so companies can profile as many candidates as they want quickly and efficiently.

Dan Unstead, Director of Perfect Placement the specialist recruitment agency for the UK automotive industry said; “Traditionally the costs involved in psychometric testing excluded many companies from being able to use it, the same businesses with potentially the most to gain. We’ve used the PeopleMaps service on behalf of our clients and for our own recruitment for years and its accuracy is remarkable.

“With the typical cost of hiring a single new employee estimated at around £12,000 absorbing the expenditure involved if it doesn’t work out can be horrendous for any business. Plus, people’s ‘soft skills’ such as communication, team management and motivation are now recognised as key to making businesses more profitable and better places to work.”

Psychometric profiling is used in staff recruitment and development by over 65% of companies in the UK alone, PeopleMaps’ technical innovation and report delivery via the web means that companies can sign up for the free service and start using it within minutes. All of PeopleMaps existing clients worldwide will have the opportunity to switch to the new service.

Martin Gibbons added; “If we go way back to the beginning of PeopleMaps in 2001, we have always been about making professional profiling accessible to all. We achieve this with our pricing and by writing in plain English, using no jargon. We also give away millions of reports for free to jobseekers, and we did that by being exclusively online. Now we’ve taken it to its ultimate conclusion – free profiling for all.”

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