Glasgow 13 May 2008 – PeopleMaps, the online psychometric profiling specialist for business and jobseekers, today launched Polish and Slavic language versions of its unique web based system to enable corporate customers to evaluate job candidates’ ‘soft’ skills.

Companies recruiting potential employees from Poland, Slovakia or Vojvodina in the north of Serbia can now receive a full personality profile, written in English, of the candidates who will complete the questionnaire on the internet at in their native language.

Martin Gibbons, Chief Executive of PeopleMaps said; “The influx of people from Eastern Europe to fill the skills gap in the UK presents an additional though familiar problem for UK employers. In today’s more complex employment market it is the ‘soft skills’, such as the ability to empathise with others, manage conflict or cope with ambiguity, which are entirely personality related, that distinguish the best employees from the also-rans.

“Accurately evaluating someone’s soft skills is almost impossible from a CV and when language becomes a barrier as well this can make the task unmanageable. The PeopleMaps system will evaluate and report on a candidate’s profile in response to the questionnaire which is now simple for jobseekers to complete as it is in their native language.”

Nearly 800,000 migrant workers have come to the UK since Poland and eight other former communist countries joined the European Union in 2004 and official projections say that net migration – the number coming minus the number leaving each year – will continue at 190,000 a year, as it has done over the past five years.

People have been recruited into a wide range of industries in the UK from medical and legal professions to construction and the service industries, all of which require individual personality related soft skills.

“For example, if the job requires a high level of customer interaction and the person in the role needs to be good with people then this is a personality issue, easily identified through the candidate’s profile,” explained Martin Gibbons.

“The opposite is also true. If the job role demands a high level of analysis by someone who has the ability to spend lengthy periods isolated from others to think and analyse problems. The last criteria that would be required would be an outgoing personality.”

Online and offline psychometric profiling is already used in the recruitment and development of staff and senior executives by over 65% of companies in the UK. PeopleMaps’s technical innovation coupled with the powerful delivery mechanism of the web means that a range of psychometric profile reports covering a wide variety of jobs, industries and even someone’s potential to start their own business can be created and delivered securely within minutes via the company’s web site.

“You can witness the consequences of a lack of soft skills in terms of high staff turnover, the cost of new recruits, creative opportunities lost or not capitalised on, and the inability of top management without soft skills to make decisions. The case for addressing a soft skills deficit can become evident very quickly,” concluded martin Gibbons.


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