With over 2,000 outlets for its products and service in the UK alone, US headquartered Rug Doctor is perhaps the world’s best known brand in the professional and the Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning market.

Founded 1972, Rug Doctor manufactures, sells and services carpet cleaning products and machines with operations across the US, UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and over 20 other countries.

The team at Rug Doctor in the UK uses PeopleMaps as part of its recruitment process. With just around 50 employees looking after the company’s extensive operations in the UK, including its manufacturing facility, getting hiring decision right is crucial.

“I was looking for an online solution as I wanted to bring profiling into our hiring procedure. It’s often easy for people to keep a ‘front’ up for the limited time that an interview lasts so I wanted to find a little extra help that would give us more of an insight and reinforce our own decisions,” explained Paul Hansford, Finance and HR Manager of Rug Doctor in the UK.

“I’ll admit we initially used the system as a bit of fun too by getting staff members to test it and see what they thought. And we were so impressed with the accuracy and the speed of delivery when we faced tight deadlines that we have now adopted it into our processes. I wouldn’t hesitate in saying that PeopleMaps provides real value for money.”

Coming from a company which has built a formidable international reputation for the same thing this is high praise indeed.

 Rug Doctor


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