The new Report URL and Notes feature has some great uses. Here are a couple of applications you will really enjoy.

For Recruiters

If you have ever interviewed even a handful of candidates then you know that pretty soon they details start to get muddled up. And if you end up doing back to back interviews over a couple of days, then all the candidates start to blend into one big mess. This is where the new Notes facility can be really helpful.

report url and notes

If you have two or three people involved in interviewing each candidate, then you can send them the candidates personality report as a URL

You will find the Report URL at the top of the report once you open it as normal. If you do not see this feature it is because it has not been activated on your Control Room yet. Please contact PeopleMaps to have it activated for you.

You can even email the URL directly to interviewers from inside your Control Room.

You also need to add the recipients to your Authorised List, which you will find in the >>Tools menu


Now each interviewer can add their own notes to the personality report about the candidate. Each interviewer will also be able to see the notes that other people have left too. This provides you with plenty to talk about and helps prevent you from becoming confused about what you thought of each candidate.

For Coaches and Mentors

If you are coaching someone then you can use the Report URL and Notes a little differently.

This time you use it to send your client a copy of their report, in order that they can add their own comments to their personality report.

It is recommended that coaches ask their clients to identify which statements they strongly agree with and which they disagree with. The Notes facility is a great way of doing this.

The coach can also add their own replies and comments. This evolves the personality report from a static document into a dynamic item that grows and evolves over time.

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