martinToday we hit a major milestone. I am writing the new PeopleMaps book. It essentially explains the use and application of Jungian psychology in business.

We hit the 40,000 word mark.

I write a lot of stuff in my day job but nothing quite on this scale. It raises a lot of personality issues. It raises a lot of issues full stop.

I find as I write about some aspect of Jungian psychology, I am discovering more about it. Writing a book forces you to go deeper and think about things in a way you would never normally do. I suppose this is why a PHD is such a long publication.

A Novel

Did I explain that this book is written as a novel?

I decided that it would be more interesting to write a novel than a text book. I also figured it would be more enjoyable to read too.

I find Jungain psychology quite fascinating but some of the stuff I have to read is very dry. So I have written it in a format that lets you discover how to apply Jungian psychology to your world without boring you to death.

The characters

The characters have developed lives of their own.  I feel I am getting to know each of them pretty well however it is more like getting to know someone than about inventing them. I know they come from my head but they have already developed their own identity.

I am interested to see if you identify with any of the characters in particular. They are of course from across the personality spectrum, so there should be one of them is more like you than the others. I wonder if you will be able to spot who represents your personality.

The Story

I have set the novel in a contemporary business environment. I actually picked a manufacturing plant as it offers a wide range of situations so hopefully everyone can relate to it.

As with all good stories, there are obstacles to overcome. Challenges to be faced. Enemies to be conquered. As the reader you are right in the thick of it with the characters and have a chance to solve the problems before they do. I wonder if you will be able to? I certainly think it is possible.

There is no doubt about it, this is a company in trouble.

It’s full of average, everyday people like you and me. They are facing impossible odds and have to overcome some pretty tough situations.

And as we are dealing with people, we have to take into account that they do not all get along. In fact most of them do not get a long at all to begin with.

However despite this, they have to figure out how to make it work. They still have to achieve a result, whether they like each other or not.

Real Life

I have of course based the novel on experiences I have had in various companies I have worked with. I know each of the people and witnessed each of the scenarios. I suspect you have experienced many of them too in some way.

I wanted to keep the novel as close to real life as possible. The only difference being that an understanding of Jungian psychology is introduced to help solve the problems. Let’s be honest nearly all problems are people problems.

The good news of course that all solutions come from people too.

We shape the world with our thinking. And our personality shapes our thinking. Mostly we are oblivious to this process going on. It just sort of happens – a bit like driving to work. You arrive and don’t really remember doing so.


Most of all I hope that this book will see you participate. You should form your own thoughts and opinions as you go through it. You should be able to comparre the scenarios in the book with your own life’s versions and perhaps even apply some of the solutions.

The problems I have raised are very human problems and are very common. Pretty much everywhere you go you will encounter a version of them.

PeopleMaps is all about application, so the book is a bout application. My aim is that you can read the book and apply some of it to your own life. I also hope that you will enjoy the journey.

So 40,000 words and we are well past the half way point. In fact we may even be near the end. I’ll keep you posted.



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