ali campbell at peoplemapsIn my work around the world with celebrities, rock stars, royalty and of course ‘real’ people like you and me, I am constantly surprised at just how quick ‘real’ change can be, even if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut for a very long time.

Just stop for one second and have a think about YOUR life right now…

If you are even slightly wondering if you should really be doing something else, is there more to life than this, what will my legacy to the world be… ok that all sounds very grand but once you have spent your 86,400* hours working tirelessly on your career wouldn’t you love to have actually made a difference in the world?

So let me share with you the formula for increasing your own net worth in the world. It’s a simple formula that you can start applying right away.

Scope x Scale divided by Uniqueness

– Scope is the amount of difference you make in life or the life of an organisation.

– Scale is the number of people you can make that difference to.

– Uniqueness is, how many people could or do make that difference.

Let me illustrate with 2 examples and explain why Brad Pitt gets paid WAY more than a nurse even though a Nurse makes MUCH more of a difference.


Scope = 10 (they could save your life) X Scale = 1 (small % of population treated)

Uniqueness = 8 (while not everyone could be a nurse MANY can)



Scope = 2 (entertaining but not life changing) X Scale = 3 (millions watch his work)

Uniquness = 1 (for that type of movie there really is only one choice)


So it’s time to become the star in your life… Here could be how.

What would it be worth to you to be able to:

  • Rapport – You’ll learn the key skill behind every expert communicator.
  • Persuasive Patterns of Language – Effortlessly influence any conversation to create incredible outcomes.
  • You’ll even learn Hypnosis – Learn the language of the unconscious mind and use it to create change at the deepest level.
  • Key questioning skills – Ask the key questions that move people from stuck to choice in seconds.
  • Submodalities – Change internal neurological coding in minutes to create massive shifts in behavior. Fast change techniques- Change habits and unwanted states in seconds to remove phobias, stop smoking, lose weight, end anxiety and help other to do the same FAST.
  • Use representational Systems – Hear and utilize the hidden linguistic clues in language.
  • Strategies – Elicit, decipher, install and redesign the repeatable behavioral patterns every human being uses.
  • Anchoring – Install simple trigger devices in any context that will immediately trigger your choice of feeling or state.
  • Perceptual Positions – How to influence and facilitate shifts in perception by changing your unconscious filters.
  • Parts – Permanently silence any internal conflict once and for all.
  • TimeLine Interventions – The fastest way to incredible change. Travel back in ‘time’ and create instant choices and freedom from the past.

This unique NLP practitioner course could be for your own personal learning, or like Ali himself, the starting point to building your own recession proof business doing well by doing good. If you have ever marveled at how the likes of Paul McKenna, Ali or Derren Brown effect change in anyone quickly and easily then this is the week for you. Ali will teach you exactly the same skills that have made him one of the worlds most sought after coaches and therapists. And there’s nothing you can’t learn…

How much will your value soar with this kind of skill and knowledge?

* The international average assuming NO overtime and NO weekends.

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