Got an interview coming up? Then you may find this post on Interview Preparation useful.

In my experience no one prepares well enough for interviews. For some reason people think it has something to do with luck. Believe me, it’s not luck. It’s a skill and you can learn it.

Life’s not fair and good interview preparation gives you the edge

Do you honestly think that employers hire the best candidate?

Do you think that interviews are fair or balanced?

Do you think you will be hired on merit?

I have helped employers interview candidates. I have seen rooms full of candidates wreck their chances, one after the other.

I have seen pretty sub-par people beat some great candidates to the job.

One thing is for sure, the candidates who prepare and deliver a good interview get way more job offers than those that don’t.

You are dealing with human nature

An employer will rarely ever give a job to a candidate if they delivered a poor interview. Even if they rationally know that the interview scenario is nothing like the job role and that it’s a very artificial environment.

Employers will nearly always give the interview to the candidate who delivered the best performance on the day. Of course they will never admit to this. In fact they may not even admit it to themselves but this is human nature.

Employers like to think they are objective. They like to think they are gathering all the facts and acting in an unbiased way. Employers actually believe they are objective.

But they are not.

Human nature being what it is leaves no room for objectivity. You can protest as much as you like but this is how humans behave. All of our decisions, including decisions like “who to hire” are subjective.

The good news is that interview preparation can give you the edge

Here is where you can give yourself an edge. Almost no one prepares properly for a job interview. All of the people you are competing against are so shockingly bad at interviews that with a little training you could beat them all and get the job offer.

Commit to learning the art of job interviewing. Learn the psychology of it and how to work it to your advantage. Discover the most common mistakes that everyone makes and avoid making them.


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