I have a friend, Antony, who is a historian. antony-alchemyHe is the world expert on the history of alchemy and is a most interesting man. The common understanding of alchemy is  about turning base metals into gold however it was always much more than that.

Even back in the middle ages it was about synergy. It was about the sum being greater than the component parts. It was as much a philosophy as it was a science.

I would like to consider myself as a human alchemist.  . . .wait hear me out. I’ve not completely lost it 🙂

My belief is that we should always strive to get exceptional results out of ordinary people. As an individual it is my job to get extraordinary results from this very ordinary body of mine; to get extraordinary thoughts from this very ordinary brain of mine.

And if you are a manager, then it is your job to get extraordinary results from ordinary people.

Is this Alchemy?

What is this if it is not alchemy?

PeopleMaps works with companies, employers, managers, trainers and coaches. We work with some individuals too of course but mainly we are helping people or companies get extraordinary results from ordinary people. It’s alchemy.

I just delivered a workshop this week and it was an amazing experience. I provided a bit of insight  about “self” and “others” and with this I have no doubt that the people who attended that workshop are going to achieve some extraordinary results. I believe I have created a room full of human alchemists.

PeopleMaps has the secret of alchemy and is willing to share it. If you are a manager then you can learn how to get the most from your staff. If you are a trainer or coach, then you can get bigger results faster for your clients.

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