Occasionally you may come across a typo in one of the PeopleMaps personality reports. I know this will irritate some of you more than others – it’s a personality thing 🙂

We strive to have zero typos or spelling mistakes, which is ambitious and I would argue that our typo rate is lower than you would typically find in a broadsheet newspaper.

So what should you do if you spot a typo in a report?

We would love if you could help us with our continuous product improvement and report any typos you come across.

To facilitate this we have added a typo report feature into the control room. This will identify the specific content that needs to be repaired. The content-database is absolutely vast and finding a single typo can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, if you use the typo report feature we will be able to find it quickly and easily. At the bottom of each topic, you will see a small pencil icon.

typo report

When you click on it, it opens the following window and lets you specify what the problem is.

typo report 2

In order to identify the correct content, please make sure you click on the right icon. it sits at the bottom of the relevant topic (not the top)

Your Contribution Is Appreciated

By reporting typos, you are contributing to the continuous product improvement process and it is very much appreciated. This new feature makes it quick and easy to do.

Now I am just hoping that I have managed to complete this post without any typos.

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