Employee personality testing first started around the 1950s and has become commonplace, with many businesses, small and large, now embarking on some sort of profiling.

There are many reasons to profile your employees;

  • It can help with recruitment
  • Build better teams
  • Assist line managers
  • Increase productivity
  • Help staff enjoy their work
  • Increase sales

Whenever you are trying to fix a problem or improve a situation involving staff, you should always start with employee personality testing.

A Personality Test Employees Enjoy

The first thing you need to change is the word “test”. It is an assessment, not a test. A personality test implies that results can be improved or that someone does better than someone else. This is not what personality is about.

Making this shift and explaining to employees that there is nothing to pass or fail can make the entire experience more enjoyable.

It is also recommended that employees get something out of this too. Humans are all fascinated by self, so make sure you share the results with your employees and provide ample opportunity for them to talk to someone about what is said in their personality report.

employee personality testing

Personality Testing For Employees

Employees can benefit from this experience if they feel it helps them do their job better. A personality report, especially if supported by a trained coach, can help an employee in their work. Most people want to do a good job. Additional data and a chat with a coach can help them do this.

Employee Personality Tests Vary

Employee personality tests vary a lot and there are many to choose from. PeopleMaps provides a huge range of applications. An application is different from a report in that it is designed for a very specific purpose.

For example, if you are looking to help someone be more effective in a team, then you would use Team Pro – Team Player. This report will tell the individual about themself and how it affects their work as part of a team. It will help them understand the best role they play in the team.

Personality Test Employee

The employee should be reassured that you are trying to help them not test them. The personality report will help you understand their natural preferences. It will help you understand their preferred environments and their preferred behaviour.

With a better understanding of preferences, small adjustments can be made to make life better for the employee and for the organisation.

Personality Tests For Hiring

PeopleMaps developed the Interview Pro series. These are exclusively personality tests for hiring new staff. Each report is written as an interview guide and will provide recruiters with a lot of data about each candidate.

There are many reports in the range, each one focusing on a specific job role such as sales, customer service, management etc. . .

Personality Test In The Workplace

It is a healthy sign to routinely use a personality test in the workplace. It provides additional data and a foundation for more discussion.

Do you know if an individual is naturally detailed or not? What if they are not detailed and you keep asking them to do detailed work? Perhaps there are other tasks that they would do better.

A good manager will place as many round pegs in round holes as possible. Unfortunately, without the data, this is mostly a guessing game. By personality testing in the workplace, you can spend less time guessing and make more decisions using actual data.

How To Use Personality Tests In The Workplace

It is best if you have an external coach administer and support the process. Staff should be given the opportunity to not only see at least one of their personality reports but talk about the report to someone. It is best if an external coach handles this rather than someone from the organisation. Staff will speak more freely with an outsider.

The Best Workplace Personality Test

When selecting a profiling tool make sure you select one that has a relatively short questionnaire (less than 10 minutes). Longer than this becomes a chore and affects the results.

The language should be jargon-free and easily understood.

It should be clear what’s in it for the employee as well as the manager.

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