I thought my eyes were deceiving me when this popped into my email. I figured I had been working too hard with the new product.

Carl Jung wine and alcohol free into the bargain. I upset my French visitor last year by ordering a crate of alcohol free wine. I felt very left out of things as he made wine all sound very interesting, so I ordered some wine for me so I could join in.

He wasn’t impressed but then again he had been supping the best that France could offer all his days.

I’m not sure if your drink of choice is a personality issue. If I was a drinker I would probably be a wine drinker more than a beer drinker. As it is, I am mostly a tea drinker; Earl Grey mind you.

They say that each wine has a personality of its own and I like to believe that. Despite not drinking it, I find everything about wine fascinating and like the idea of each one having a personality.

I liked the reds as long as they were chilled (sacrilege, I know). So if you’re not French and you are into psychological profiling then you may fancy a bottle of Carl Jung.

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