A PeopleMaps Personality Report

When to use the report
If you are recruiting or promoting in the Banking and Finance sector then this report will tell you what the CV doesn’t. When CVs, qualifications and experience are similar, this is where personality profiling comes into its own. Two people with the same qualifications can be vastly different and you want to make sure you know who you are dealing with.

What’s in the report
The report gives you background on the candidate and a feel for who they are as a person. It is peppered with consultants comments from the PeopleMaps Business Psychologist. You will find the Interview questions very useful and the consultants comments about what you should be looking for in the answers you receive invaluable.

When to use the report:
If you are Interviewing either a new person or dealing with an internal promotion, then you should use this report. Bringing strangers into the company is always challenging and everyone hopes that it works out. This report will reduce the risks and give you more information to make better hiring decisions.

Topics in the report:
Ability to Delegate
Commercial awareness
Decision Making
Key Strengths
The PeopleMaps Map
Planning and Managing Resources and Results
Results Focus
Time Management
Working Together
Working under pressure

What does it Cost?
£40 each before any discounts.

Personality Profiling– instant reports – no delays
– free reports to get you started
– no credit card required – no obligation
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