History of MBTI

Isabel Briggs Myers built upon the work her mother Katherine Briggs started around the time of the first world war. They were both pioneers in their time and built a respectable and enduring product with a world wide reputation. In the 21st Century MBTI is still a name to be reckoned with and has grown exponentially through the years. World wide there are a very many consultants trained in the use of MBTI who offer their services to interpret the results of the profiles generated from individual’s completion of questionnaires. A major strength of MBTI is this trained network of consultants that clients can purchase questionnaires and consultancy time from.

The Internet and MBTI

It is true that parts of MBTI can be accessed via the internet however this does not make it an internet product. The same terrestrial questionnaire that is completed by hand is offered through registration with an appointed consultancy as an online form. The results are scored and then sent back to the person purchasing. Recently a questionnaire has been created, and offered online though this does not produce a full MBTI profile. It is called MBTi complete, however it is not really an internet product as the applicant is required to register and then an email is sent with a personal user ID and passsword both of which are needed to complete the assessment. The assessment costs $99.95 however this includes a 30 minute telephone debrief – see link http://www.typeinsights.com/

Again the system isn’t fully automated or instant and is generally used to hook you into engaging a consultant or taking a programme. Myers Brigs doesn’t write in plain English and you will generally need a MBTI trained consultant to interpret the results for you.

PeopleMaps as an online alternative to MBTI

PeopleMaps offers an excellent online alternative to MBTI. PeopleMaps is underpinned by the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung as is MBTI. The PeopleMaps profile is a product designed especially for the Internet and the entire service is delivered instantly online. There are no delays and the questionnaire can be completed in 7 minutes and the resultant profile is instantaneous.

Unlike MBTI, PeopleMaps writes in plain English so you do not need a consultant or training to read and understand the report. In fact PeopleMaps does not offer training or consultancy even if you wanted it, making it truly an online alternative to MBTI.

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